Not Mad Dad. & Swank Clanky.

Hey, hey, hey!

First things first.
Dad: HAPPY [LATE] BIRTHDAY!! Clancy: HAPPY [ON TIME] BIRTHDAY!! And Marian too! :) 
I hope you all have had wonderful birthdays. :) Birthdays are my favorite. 
Next things next. This week was pretty great. I'll just bullet point stuff because I'm not really feeling the whole "explanation" thing.
- gave a stellar training in District Meeting. (Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was pretty good)  - taught the Word of Wisdom/invited them to live it; next day --> DIDN'T SMOKE. boo yah. - Ron came to church.  - Elders wore the ties from the dollar store (if you crinkled it, it stayed. bahahah. that's quality) - ate a steak at Applebees. I sure love members. :) - picked strawberries.  - sorted strawberries. - ate a LOAD of strawberries. - chilled on p-day, because it was a Monday holiday.  - went to Carlyle TWICE. didn't go to the lake this time.  - met some sweet Less Actives. they'll be back in no time. - found a lost Less Active. (that's another story for another time)  - had companion bonding time. - bought some SWEET pens. they work sooooo well. - felt the Spirit. - found a new investigator - chalked up Salem (got some sweet tan lines)

Over all, I feel that this was a really great week. I wouldn't change my situation right now for the world! I love being a missionary and I pray every day that I can be the missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. 
I love you all. I hope you're enjoying the 50 days count-down. I can't believe that has come so quickly. I'll send the next half-ish soon! :) Before you're supposed to have it. Promise. 
I hope Fancy Clancy (that's what Sister Oberfield calls him. hahahahaha) gets his mission call soon! CONGRATULATIONS to Uncle Mike and Aunt Lynnette Waite on their mission call! That's so great! They will be amazing missionaries!
Be happy. Share the gospel. Love your neighbors. (Share the gospel with them too)  Work hard. Play hard. Die hard. Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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