november: thanksgiving or early christmas?

hello everyone.

because it's november, that means you're bound to get spammed with at least one of these three things all month long.
1. gratitude posts.
2. early christmas posts.
3. angry posts about the early christmas posts.

well, here's all three real quickly.


the last few weeks have been one crazy dream. getting engaged has been the happiest thing of my life thus far. there are so many up-sides to getting engaged. my favorite being that i get to marry parker in like two and a half months (raise the roof!!). so that's awesome.

but coming in at a close second is most definitely the love, support, best wishes, congratulations, and happiness that everyone has shared with us since then. the day we posted about our engagement, we were floored and overwhelmed with love from everyone. so, thank you soooooo much. i wish that we had the time to personally respond to every single comment and 'like' but honestly, we just don't. and we're sorry for that and the fact that this general thank you will have to do. but we are so, so, so, so grateful and excited for the love that everyone has shown to us! we really are stoked to get married!

guys, i am so incredibly grateful for parker. i'm the luckiest girl because i get to marry him. he helps me to be better every single day. he always cheers me on. he works suuuuuper hard [and at freakishly early hours of the morning]. he makes me laugh. and he is good.

i'm so grateful for my family. and for parker's family. i'm so grateful that we have such a loving support system!

i'm grateful for all of you! again, i was floored by the amounts of love and support we have been shown throughout our entire relationship.

E A R L Y   C H R I S T M A S   P O S T 

[warning: i have strong opinions about this. and sometimes my strong opinions come off as offensive or rude. if you feel i am being rude, i'm truly sorry, and i don't mean to be!]

i'll be real. i've been listening to christmas music for the last two weeks. i love the feeling that christmas brings. and i personally don't think that talking about christmas overshadows thanksgiving at all. christmas is a time when we are supposed to remember the birth of our Savior. and the thing that i'm most, most, most, MOST grateful for is the fact that my Savior was born and that He completed His mission and Atonement. without that, we have nothing to truly be grateful for because without the Atonement nothing would really matter.

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A N G R Y   P O S T   A B O U T   E A R L Y   C H R I S T M A S   P O S T S

okay, i'm not even angry. but i do hope that we remember to be grateful this month and that we don't get caught up in the rush of preparing for christmas celebrations. i hope that we remember the true meanings of all of these things that we are celebrating. be grateful for TODAY. cherish every moment. hug your family members and loved ones. and eat some pie.

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