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Four years ago, I brought Parker to my bench. It was my place of solitude, relaxation and meditation. It was one of my favorite places to go. We snapped our first bench picture and then my bench became our place of special moments. It was where Parker proposed. We took some of our bridal photos here. And every year, we've come back to take a picture and reminisce our happy moments together.

Today, I'm excited to share our most recent bench photo (that doesn’t actually have the bench in it because they removed it. *sad face emoji*) with the announcement we've been waiting years to share. We are finally welcoming our first baby into our family at the end of January. We are beyond grateful for every single prayer said in our behalf. We are so grateful to every single person who donated money or came to our IVF Fundraiser. We can't even count the kind and encouraging words that so many people have given us in person or sent to us through mail or online message. We are so, so grateful for the overwhelming support we've been given and shown the last three years. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover our feelings of gratitude.

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The community of people we have is overwhelming in the best sort of way. Hearing your stories, meeting you, and feeling your love has been one of the best parts of our journey. We are trying so hard to be sensitive to those who are still fighting to bring their babies earth-side. We pray for you daily and think of you often. We know how difficult this journey is and know even more how important it is to have people cheering you on and praying for you throughout the journey. So please know that we are cheering you on and praying for you! 

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I promised myself a long time ago that when we got pregnant, I would enjoy every minute of it. Even the hard ones. I promised to document my pregnancy for myself & for our baby. While I will be sharing pieces of our pregnancy, I will not be making weekly updates. Rather, we will have monthly updates here on my blog with a week-by-week breakdown. This space will still be a space of encouragement for those who are TTC and a place to educate those who have never experienced infertility.

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To our sweet baby:

You are already SO loved. Your daddy and I love you more than we could ever imagine possible. Your puppy Mozzie is already so protective of you; he lays his head on my belly every morning and snuggles you as often as he can. Your cousins are so excited to meet you, they've already given us little notes for you, gifts and the best name ideas. Your grandparents prayed so, so hard for you. Your aunts and uncles cheered so loud when they found out you were coming. We can't wait to introduce you to everyone.

You are the most special little baby and we can't wait to be your parents. We love you with everything we have. We can't wait to meet you.

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