our receptions. part two.

in my last post about our receptions, i posted pictures from other peoples' cameras, phones, etc. this post, however, are the pictures from our photographer! i seriously cannot give Debby Leavitt Photography enough credit! she did such an amazing job! and her daughter, Haley, did an INCREDIBLE job with our video. we are so blessed to know such wonderful people!

the people & wedding reception fun:

#sweetgirl doesn't like change. she's usually the happiest of babies!

#sweetgirl also INSISTED on being in the line about 80% of the time.

"Parker just cut the cake!"

"That piece is HUGE!"
*hatches evil plan of revenge*
see that piece of cake in my right hand? it went ALL over Parker's face.

such an attractive picture of the both of us...

 in these next few, i would like to direct your attention to allie-- the girl farthest to the right. her facial expressions are hilarious.

lydia won!

the getaway car.

wedding decorations & details:
something that i really enjoyed doing for our wedding was writing everything myself. it took a lot of time and i definitely wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE. but it's fun to look back at the pictures and know that i put a lot of effort and heart into our wedding. 
our cupcakes were incredible! 

my daddio made the cupcake stands and did an AWESOME job!
... i never saw those cupcakes until i saw the pictures. so that was kind of fun!
our cake was DELICIOUS. my sweet cousin made it for us and she did an amazing job!
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