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*spoiler alert* when PinkBlush asked me to do a sponsored post featuring an item from their online women's boutique, i was SO excited! a huge thank you to ShopPinkBlush for the complimentary dress! NOW, this post is sponsored by PinkBlush but all of the opinions in this post are mine! i promise i wouldn't endorse something if i didn't love it! to see my full disclosure policy, go here.
a few weeks ago, i was just casually scrolling through my personal account on instagram when i got a DM (direct message) from one of my acquaintances. i checked it, responded, and then noticed that i had a message request from @shoppinkblush. i didn't know what it was, so i nervously checked it.
i opened the message to find that their collaborations rep was asking ME to collaborate with them! i was floored and beyond excited! but i didn't know if PinkBlush even sold anything besides maternity clothes (because i'm definitely not pregnant so that would be a little weird), if it was modest, if they had prices that wouldn't kill our adventure/fun savings, and if i would even like their style. so before responding i headed over to their instagram account. 
i was not disappointed! they had cute dresses for women of ALL sizes. i'll admit, i spent waaaaay too much time on their instagram account and even more time looking at their Women's Online Boutique. floral print tunics, striped dresses and shirts, solid color dresses. i could barely hold myself back from buying the whole shop!
i responded quickly (and by quickly i mean, it had been a few weeks after they had messaged me, but quickly after i saw the message) and was over-the-moon excited when they responded and still wanted to work with me! we hashed out the details and i got right to work trying to figure out what i would choose to get to style and wear. 
now, this was the hard part. because like i said in my about me page, my wardrobe largely consists of ugly sweaters found at a local thrift shop, animal tee shirts, and sunday dresses. i mean, i'll be real-- i have nicer clothes and i really like a lot of the trendy (yet still modest) clothes these days. they just aren't my first pick.  and here's why:  1. they aren't that comfy. i'd muuuuch rather be comfy than trendy. (even though i have major heart eyes for trendy clothes) 2. a lot of trendy boutiques online are kind of expensive. like really expensive. like triple digits for ONE dress. WHAAAAT?! 
i'll also admit that i was super nervous about reason #2 when i went to look at the prices at Pink Blush Boutique. but i was pleasantly surprised! no triple digits anywhere in site! (pun intended) and they have flash sales on their instagram ALL the time! win-win!
i ordered my dress and not-so-patiently waited for it to arrive! on wednesday, i got a text from my mother-in-law saying my package from PinkBlush had arrived! i was SO excited! parker got home from work and i told him my package had come. we wanted to go get it, but we had to go to school. so after school we rushed over to his parents house and i quickly opened my package. 
YOU GUYS. i almost died of happiness right there. my dress is perfect! also, it's made of cloud fabric, i'm sure of it! it is the SOFTEST dress i've ever owned! it is striped AND has lace. 

just look at it.

also, parker took these photos. for all the times he's said, "she takes the pictures, i just hold the bag," he's pretty good! 
but wait. THERE'S MORE to this story.
- GIVEAWAY CLOSED - i am SO excited to announce that over here at the banks blog, we are teaming up with ShopPinkBlush to GIVE AWAY a $50 gift card to their online women's boutique! FIFTY DOLLARS! if you want in on that action, and trust me, YOU DO-- head over to my instagram account (@thebanksblog) at 9am to enter! 

the giveaway IS NOW CLOSED!
entering is suuuuper simple:
- follow @thebanksblog on instagram
- like our GIVEAWAY picture
- tag your friends (1 friend per comment. the more you tag = more entries for you!)
BONUS ENTRY follow The Banks Blog on Facebook!
good luck & may the odds be ever in your favor!

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