Pregnancy Updates [27 Weeks - 31 Weeks]

In my last bumpdate post, I said at the end that hopefully the next one would be a little more boring… Well, I must have jinxed myself because we spent another two days in Labor and Delivery AND I’m dilated to 1cm and 80% thinned. My doctor says I could stay this way for another two months or things could change pretty quickly, so we’re just taking things one day at a time over here. But we’ve officially made it to 32 weeks and I feel REALLY good about that!

p.s. while most of my pregnancy update posts have weekly-ish bump photos (i took them, but i’m too lazy to put them in right now, plus i just love these pictures parker took of me during this month), i just REALLY love these photos. it’s like a preview of maternity photos. plus i wanted some nice photos just in case i went into labor for real. thankfully, i didn’t. but i’m glad to have these photos.

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 Weeks!
Size of Baby: she’s the size of a BIG MAC
belly tightness. I've been paying REALLY close attention to my body since the whole labor and delivery visit. To be honest, this last week has been a little stressful. (Okay, a lot stressful) And I've taken more baths in the last two weeks than I have I think in my entire life.  
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick:
no, not really
Baby Movement: she moves a lot! it’s really fun to feel her move around and kick!
Nursery Progress: 
nothing really right now.
Best Part of the Week: 
Looking Forward To:
going home for Thanksgiving in a few weeks!! I'm excited to see my family & spend lots of time with them!

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28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 Weeks!
Size of Baby: she’s the size of a box of Mac and Cheese!
belly tightness. What I think are contractions. I've had some low back pain along with the belly tightness. I haven't hit the 6 in one hour mark yet though, so we'll just keep moving along.
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick:
not at the moment 
Baby Movement: it feels like she's moving ALL THE TIME. I don't think she sleeps.
Nursery Progress: 
Best Part of the Week: 
having my
Looking Forward To:
my baby shower with some of Parker's family! my mom is coming up for that too and I'm really excited to have her come & stay with us for a little bit! also, my birthday always makes me happy!

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29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 Weeks!
Size of Baby: She’s the size of a Mr. Potato Head
heartburn. to the max. it's been really awful recently. Plus I threw up a lot on Tuesday of this week. I also found out that I am dialated to 1cm and 80% thinned. AND that the belly tightness I've been feeling for the last few weeks are actually legit contractions. So that's neat...
Cravings: nothing really, my appetite has really gone down in the last few weeks (compared to the ravenous wolf i was in my second trimester)
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick: woke up on Tuesday with really horrid heartburn and then threw up about once an hour for about 6 hours straight...
Baby Movement: all. the. time. especially when she's being monitored in labor & delivery OR when someone puts their hand on my belly. she does not like her space invaded like that.
Nursery Progress: we're making headway on her nursery. there's still a lot to do, but we are getting there!
Best Part of the Week: even though i don't love that we've had to go into L&D three times in the last three weeks (and twice in the last week!) i love that we get to hear baby girl's heartbeat and movements for such a long period of time. It's so reassuring that she's cozy in there. (Now if my body would just let her stay, thaaaaaat'd be great)
Looking Forward To: honestly, this week has been kind of hard in terms of positivity. With all of the pre-term labor scares, I had to make some really big decisions in my business and really cut back. And that was really hard and scary. (All of my people were really cool about it-- I have the BEST clients) but it was a really hard week mentally. Slowing WAAAAAAY down is not something I like doing nor is it something I feel good at, so having to do that has been really hard for me. But I know it's best for baby girl & I'm trying to remind myself of that.

p.s. after our second labor & delivery visit, i posted an IGTV video with more info & details. you can watch that video HERE.

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30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 Weeks!
Size of Baby: She’s the size of a Slinky Dog Toy!
heartburn & having to pee like 100 million times during the day. also contractions, contractions, contractions. (I forget that that is TECHNICALLY a pregnancy symptom & not just regular life )
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick:
nothing, really.
Baby Movement: she loves to move-- especially when i'm laying on either side!
Nursery Progress: 
Best Part of the Week: 
Looking Forward To:
THANKSGIVING! we WERE going to go visit my family for Thanksgiving, but with all of the pre-term labor scares, we decided it would be best to stay close to home. I was really sad about that for a while (cried about it for a solid day) but ultimately, i know that staying close to home is the best thing to do. So we're making due and visiting some of Parker's family for Thanksgiving. And that makes me happy too.

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31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks!
Size of Baby: She’s the size of a Fanny Pack!
baby is head down () and i've been dialated to 1cm & 80% thinned for about 3 weeks now. my doctor says that i could stay this way until 40 weeks or things could literally change overnight. which is a little terrifying. but we're taking it one day at a time. i've had some heartburn (i finally asked my doctor about what i could take for that… why it took me soooo long? well, i was usually concerned about other things at my appointments… like going into labor. heartburn wasn't very high on my priority list. )

it has also been getting increasingly harder to breathe when i lay down. pregnancy, man. the symptoms are wild.
Cravings: i don't really have cravings anymore. I just am either hungry or not hungry.
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick: i've been nauseous off and on but i haven't really been able to trace it to anything specific.
Baby Movement: she's a mover and a shaker… until i turn on the camera. then she's instantly "asleep." she's definitely her daddy's little girl. she's a tease & hates the camera & has suuuuuper long legs that she lovvvves to stretch right into my ribs!
Gender: Baby girl
Nursery Progress: we're ALMOST there! we have a few more decor pieces we need to figure out, but we got a Mapiful map of st. louis (which i am obsessed with), some paintings of the Savior & a rainbow art piece & now we're just working on filling in the gaps. we're also waiting on a bookcase that my parents will be bringing later this month for all of her books!
Best Part of the Week: Thanksgiving Weekend!! I absolutely loved spending so much time with Parker this week. If only this week could last forever! We went to a movie, watched lots of movies at home, played in the snow with Mozzie, gave mozzie a haircut, visited family, and just had a great holiday weekend. It went by so quickly and it was just the slow down we needed!
Looking Forward To: CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!! (are you even surprised?)

pregnancy update | maternity photo inspiration | my sister's closet boutique

i really, really, really love these photos. they just feel like me. which is sometimes hard to feel when you’re pregnant because your body is constantly changing and you really have to think about the other person sharing your body with all of your decisions. so i was really pleasantly surprised to when i was editing these photos because they felt like home.

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