pummer jelly.

the sugar. the pectin. and the baby jars.
a bad picture of the juice that was about to be boiled and made into delicious jelly.
the sugar that makes the jelly delicious. **please notice there is A LOT of sugar. 21 cups to be exact.
the jars before they were filled with the delicious concoction that magically turns into pomegranate jelly.
the filling of the jars.
filled jars with lids. we're getting close!!
bam. jelly.
you've just seen something magical happen.
Today my mom and I made jelly.  Well, mostly my mom made it and I just took pictures.  But I helped pour in the last of the sugar, which is probably one of the most important steps, so you decide who really helped today. I would tell you the recipe to this deliciousness, but it is a family secret.  Passed down from generation to generation.
Okay... so that's not exactly true. I would tell you, it's just, I don't know the actual recipe.  But it goes something like this, "A pinch of salt. Lots of love. And lots, and lots, and lots of tofu."
Alright, you got me.  There is no tofu either. Or salt now that I think of it.  I just don't know the recipe. You'd have to ask my mom.  She's the real magician here.

also, please excuse the darkness of the pictures. my camera and I are having a disagreement. don't stress, it is being handled. you just have to deal with dark pictures until it is all settled.

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