recent photos.

we were surprising Mary and apparently I was feeling violent... whoops...

eating a pazookie and watching The Princess Bride for Mary's birthday!!

Eating the pazookie!! :)

Sarah, Betsy, and me at Bishop Smith's house for FHE! way, way fun!

Christina! On the way to Idaho Falls!

Mary was out in like 5 flat. 

I'm not that bad of a driver... I promise.

making breakfast!! Happy Fourth of July!!

Breakfast with the fam. (look at Dennis. hahahaha in the blue...)


Christina. She's so happy. 

playing frisbee!!

the spinny broom game. i totally won.

finger sword fighting. i won this too. 

TIE DYE!!!!!

first timers.... 


i don't mess around when tie dying...


something was going wrong here I think.. I'm not sure though. I look worried though...

we decided to do a star right at the end, so it was a little deformed...

our hands were so messy!! good times. 
these last few weeks have been really great! i'm trying to live up my last few weeks here and i'd say it's going pretty well! 
peace out homies. 

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