recently. currently. futurely.

this post is because i need to be accountable of what i need to post/ will be posting more about in the near future. i'm soooooo backlogged. (that stressed out looking emoji with the gritted teeth)
recently i've: 
- had easter celebrations - finished another semester of college - been to hawaii and back - been to california  - applied to more colleges-- have yet to make a decision... - updated my blog. [isn't it adorable?] a HUGE thank you to carmina hughes! check out her blog here. - photographed the high school prom
currently i'm: - editing & prepping the prom pictures for printing - listening to kennedizzle's lady slayer playlist  - drinking dr. pepper
futurely i'm:  - stoked to go to northern utah this weekend for the:      > payson utah temple open house      > to see some of my best pals - anticipating my northern california road trip next weekend - making a choice about which school to attend

i have SO much to be blogging about & basically zero time to do it! life is so busy and so good!! stay tuned for some goodness in the near future!! 
here's this cuteness for now:

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