receptions. part one.

we were lucky enough to be able to have TWO wedding receptions! it was so much fun to be able to see so many people that we love (and a lot of our parents' friends that we didn't actually know that well...)

our receptions were documented by so many people, so i had to do it in two posts so that it wasn't SO long that it got old or something. this first post is just pictures i had from my camera/ pictures that were taken on other peoples' phones and things!

our centerpieces. behind the mason jar there was also a candle.
see that fat, round cactus? his name is binky. named after the bully on arthur. because he was a bully cactus. 

parker's place card for the luncheon!
i love this picture because it shows how HUGE our picture wall was!

 these next few photos are of the luncheon table settings. i owe my dad more than i could ever pay for his hard work in cutting all of these gorgeous wood chargers!

these are our two chairs that we contributed. we love them.
looking at the back end of the cultural hall. that is where the food was-- i took these pictures the night before after we had finished decorating because i just didn't want to miss anything!
our card box. when we found it, i fell in love. 
our beautiful sign in table. this desk now sits happily in our office. we really love it!
our picture wall. instead of having a wedding video, we opted to just have a wall full of pictures of us! this ended up being one of our favorite things from our wedding receptions! 
my wonderful Grandmother let me borrow her adorable vintage chairs from her home for people to sit on! this is just a few of them!

i'm so sad this one is blurry!! it is so cute! 

NEVADA: (a huge shout out and thank you to my cousin Emily for being willing to snap a few pictures with my camera! and another huge thank you to my mother-in-law for snapping some pictures on her phone!)

PIZZA. we both love pizza, so for our wedding food in nevada, we had PIZZA! huge thank you to my brother-in-law for manning the pizza smokers! couldn't have done it without you!
my brother is in funky clothes because he is in a fire academy and had just gotten back!

we're so cute. hahaha.

my whole family minus my little brother... we should have grabbed his cardboard cut out. DARN IT. 

all of my best friends minus rachel. who currently lives in hawaii. so i guess she has an excuse for not being there... 

cousin danjo. we go way back. 
they're next to get married! 

my cute niece warming up by the fire pit! we had three (i think. maybe just two) of these in the yard to help people keep warm as they visited!
#sweetgirl just was not feelin' all of the pictures that weekend. but she's still adorable, so she can get away with it!
our guest book. my little brother is on a mission right now, however, he still managed to greet everyone as they came into our reception!

we got a good laugh out of this one. hahah

my sisters decorated the car and they each did one side. after they were finished, they realized that they had both written "honk and we'll kiss!" on the backseat windows... they must be related or something.

after the reception, we went inside and opened our gifts so we could fit them in the car easier! it was so fun to have our family around us as we did this!

#aminagirl is the only baby here because the other two were in bed at this point! she's just a night owl/ a party animal and decided to stay up late!

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