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hello everyone.

since i've been married-- you know, like a whole week-- i've learned something. (i've learned quite a few things already, but they aren't pertinent to this post.)

if i don't write it down, i forget it. 
i've been going a thousand miles a minute from the time parker and i got engaged up until we got back home and i hate to say it, but if i told you that i would do something before my wedding and it still hasn't been done yet, i might need a little bit of a reminder! i'm really sorry and i know that's frustrating. i'll try my best to write it down and get everything back in order! PINKIE SWEAR! i just need a little bit of patience and understanding from you all!
thanks loves! 
to keep you going for the next little bit, here are a few bits of happiness from the past week! 

we both felt that it was necessary to jump on the bed in our hotel.
huge thank you to my cousin emily for being willing to snap a few pictures at our nevada reception!

lights. lights. lights. lights. lights. these were non-negotiables.  and both of our dads CRUSHED it. i owe them for all of their hard work!

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