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this week, i had an interesting experience with my blog. i published my typical wednesday letter, excited to share a cause that my work is supporting this quarter. i posted about the initiative & invited people to join in on donating to the cause if they could. 

a day or so later, i received a few comments on my blog post that i was not expecting. 

i don’t like the word attacked because i feel as though that word gets thrown around a lot these days. however, i definitely would put this person’s comments in the “that wasn’t pleasant” box. from their comments it seems as though they didn’t feel i wrote enough on the topic; that i didn’t give enough information as to who or what was causing the problem. it seems as though they felt as though my efforts to spread any type of awareness on the subject simply weren’t enough. 

it’s true, i could have written more. it’s true, i could have put statistics in that post. it’s true, i can do more than just donate to the cause & share about it on my blog. it’s true, there is always more we can do & more we can learn.

as i’ve thought about this person’s comments, i’ll be honest, i’ve been frustrated. i was trying to help. i was trying to be more open-minded. i was trying to share a cause that i feel really IS important. i was trying to take a step in what i thought was the right direction to do what i can to help everyone feel loved & included. even though it was a baby step. 

as i continued thinking about these comments & feelings that were brought upon by said comments, i thought about all of my friends & family who have taken baby steps to try & help me in our infertility journey. how often have i looked at a baby step in the right direction & thought the person trying to help could do more?

i’m embarrassed that i had any thoughts like that because your steps to be kind MATTER. your steps to help MATTER. your steps to try to understand MATTER. your steps to show love MATTER. your steps to be kind are enough. your steps to help are enough. your steps to try to understand better are enough. your steps to show love are enough. 

your efforts are enough. 

we can always be more aware & more informed. but change & understanding don’t happen overnight. our baby steps to becoming more loving, kind, aware, & understanding count. they count. they really do. so keep taking steps forward & be kind to those who aren’t as far in the journey as you think they should be. 

to every person who has reached out in love to me: thank you, thank you, thank you. your love is recognized. i am grateful for you. i’m grateful that you thought to reach out to share something that could help me. that means so much to me— especially now. i am trying to be more grateful & though i’m not perfect (nor claim to be so) i can promise you that i’m doing my very best. your efforts are enough. your efforts are enough.

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