Salem, IL and temple. :)

Hello My Dears,

Things are going quite swell here! I can't complain at all. But... My catch phrase/ motto of my life is, "If it CAN happen... it WILL." So since I've been here in Salem, I've already gotten the car stuck in the mud and left the windows cracked during a thunderstorm........... during church. 
So needless to say, it's been an interesting week. When we got our car stuck in the mud, our Bishop had to come out with his tractor and pull us out. But no worries, while we were waiting for him to finish his farming for the day, we did some great missionary work! One of the members picked us up and drove us to our appointments. Because she's great. 
But things are going really well! We had an entire family come to church yesterday! It was the best thing ever! The dad looked SO happy! 
I'm doing really well! My companion is Sister Oberfield. She's from Mesa, Arizona. And she's way cool. I'm follow-up training her, so she's only been out 3 months. But she's a champion. We both want to work really hard. So this is super good! 
Life is great. I love the gospel.  I love being a missionary. 
I'm glad that Daniel got home safely and that he's doing well! I can't believe he's home already! Time just flies.... 
Love you all! Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

I got to visit the temple grounds before transfers on Wednesday. :) Here are some pictures. :)

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