saying no now, so you can say YES later


this year, parker & i set some pretty lofty financial goals. 

we wanted to GROSS a specific amount of money AND get out of all of our debt. & when i say all of out debt, i mean, credit cards, school loans, CARS & medical bills. ALLLLLLLL of it. we don’t want anything tying us down in 2019, because we have goals to buy a house in the nearish future & when you’ve got little to no savings + debt, it’s pretty hard to put money into a savings account for a house when all of your money is going towards bills every month. ya feel?


so anyway. we set these goals & then one month later, i quit my job. seems a little backwards, right? 

wrong. while the job i was working was so much fun & i enjoyed the people i worked with, i wasn’t getting the hours or (more specifically) the paycheck i needed in order to help us reach our financial goals. so i had to step away.

i’m currently jobless, waiting for the opportunity that i’ve been given to begin. (withholding information until wednesday!!!) but i am very excited for what the future holds & i cannot wait to CRUSH our financial goals this year (aka i can’t wait to crush our debt like a little bug ) 

quitting my job was SO hard. i was petrified to do it. but the more i thought through the decision, the more i knew i needed to do it. i realized that if i am going to be intentional about what i wear, eat, say & do— i have to actually BE INTENTIONAL even when it is hard or scary. i am trying my best to follow the little nudges & promptings i receive, even when they are hard. 


what i want to tell you after all of this is that sometimes, you have to say no to something good in order to say yes to something incredible later. 

waiting is so, so hard for me. patience is NOT my strong point. but i’m learning. 

i’m learning that sometimes what is good isn’t always best. i’m learning that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith & know that something (or Someone) will catch you. quitting my job was SO hard. i put it off for weeks. but as soon as i sent in my two week’s notice, i knew it was the right thing to do for me. i’m still a little stressed (still waiting, remember?) but i am very confident in the future. i believe that everything will work out. 


i believe that for you too. chase your dreams intentionally this year. set your goals high & work hard. be kind & follow your heart. listen to the nudges & promptings. do your best & never give up. don’t be afraid to say no now so you can say yes later. “the future is as bright as your faith.” - president thomas s. monson


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