Secret Mission: L-O-V-E


First. To ease the Mother's mind: New Address:  1200 S Marion St. Apt 9 Salem IL 62881
Second. We should be calling around 2:30ish our time. So hustle your bustles right back from church on Sunday. If that doesn't work for you guys, PLEASE let me know ASAP! I think I could probably work it to be able to call a little later if that would be better. Just let me know. The members said that we could use their computers, so google chat should work out just fine! :) 
Third. MY MOTHER GOT AN iPHONE? Is the world ending? Whaaaaaat? I almost fell out of my chair. How's that going for you Mom?
Okay. Our week. I'll try to make this a "Sadie email" rather than a "Parley email." Sorry Dad.  We had an AMAZING week! We were able to be a part of Mission: L-O-V-E (I made that up myself. but it still counts) There is a family in our ward that have been struggling a little bit and we were able to gather up some stuff for their family (the necessities that food stamps don't cover). We gathered it all up with an anonymous note and then we dropped it off on their front porch and it was just the greatest feeling ever. I LOVE helping people-- whether it is spiritually or temporally-- service changes lives. 
And then yesterday after church we got invited to a cook-out (aka BBQ) out at Carlyle Lake-- we didn't get in. We didn't even get close to the lake... Sister Oberfield and I know ourselves. hahaha. So we stayed far away-- but we could still see the water. But we went with some members and it was so fun. Both of the women that were there were pregnant. And then there husbands were there, three other little kids, and me and Sister Oberfieldhahaha. We were just the awkward kids. But it's fine. We had a lot of fun. And the food was delicious so I really can't complain. I LOVE hot dogs. hahahaha. But really. I love hot dogs. 
And then after that we went to visit some investigators that were supposed to come to church but weren't able to make it. But they were at their neighbor's house (she's a member) for dinner. So we went to visit them. Well, there was this guy there (another neighbor) and he was suuuuuuper awkward. He asked if he could take a picture with me. And I said no... But he said he wanted to learn more about the gospel, so we're going to send the Elders over.hahaha. What do you do when people are weird? Send the Elders to them. But the best thing ever happened yesterday! Felix (the dad of the family we're teaching) was talking to the awkward guy about church and the AG was like, "Well, I'm a Catholic." And Felix replied, "I'm a Catholic too, but I'm getting ready to switch over." SisterOberfield and I about did a happy dance right then and there. But we kept our composure... until we left. Then we were just stoked. It was the best thing I had heard in a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG time! :)
And I found out today that Angela (from Sandy Creek) is getting baptized on Tuesday! The work is hastening! :) There are people that are ready to hear the gospel. Heavenly Father is preparing peoples' hearts every single day. 
I LOVE the gospel. And I LOVE being a missionary. Something Sister Oberfield and I are working on just fulfilling our purpose as missionaries: Inviting people to be baptized. Not just teaching them. Teaching means nothing unless people do something about it. 
Be baptized. Live your covenants. Take the sacrament. Change your life.  Work hard. Play hard. Die hard. (missionary style) I love you. Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. Talk to you in like 6 days!!
 Sister Oberfield and our sweet Plan of Salvation game we made up. It's the best thing ever 
Don't laugh. This is the future.
"Diss is 621" <-- that is someone's house sign... hahahahaha Their last name is Diss. hahahah. Best thing ever.
Operation LOVE.
me and my mini apple pie. happiness in miniature form. 
at this sweet little food place called Covered in Chocolate.
Sister Oberfield learned to mow. it was her first time EVER mowing a lawn. She did a good job. hahahah

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