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shop beige is the cutest new online clothing boutique! i found them through a friend & i am obsessed with like everything they sell. which is saying something because i can be pretty picky about my clothes! 

a neat thing about shop beige is that i was able to model for them this week! i had so much fun & hope to be able to model for them again soon! here are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot (as well as a few of my favorite items from their shop!) i've linked each item, so click on the name of the item (below the photos) & it'll take you right to that item in their shop!

i'm revamping my wardrobe (slowly but surely) & i can't wait to add some of shop beige's pieces to my capsule wardrobe! 

Sadie Banks Favorites-0001.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0002.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0003.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0004.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0005.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0006.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0007.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0008.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0009.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0010.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0011.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0012.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0013.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0014.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0015.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0016.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0017.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0018.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0019.jpg
Sadie Banks Favorites-0020.jpg

TULSA TOP (yellow top) | LAVAL TOP (blue top) | CIDRA TOP (white top with orange embroidery) | MEKELE TOP (red top) | SANYA DRESS (purple dress)


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