as many of you know, I am working on my mission papers.

well, mission papers include getting your shots updated. 
this morning, Shaye and I went to the little clinic here in Cedar to get my shots. Shaye came for moral support. I'm slightly terrified of needles. 
this clinic was all sorts of weird. I was unprepared. but it's all good because the weirdness distracted me from the needles that were being stabbed into my arms. I just concentrated on the plastic surf board on the wall until they made me sit on the little bed thing. after that, I focused on the picture of Crush hanging on the opposite wall. 

the nurse was quick and efficient. she just poked those needles right into my arms and then sent me on my way. fast. easy. and only slightly painful. after I left the office, my right arm started to go numb. it was weird, but only lasted a few minutes. 
but do ya'll know what this means? 
okay, I'll tell you. 
my mission papers are practically done. yeah, done. in one week
all I have left is to get my TB test results back (I'm like 99.98% sure I don't have it. there's no bubble on my arm where they poked me for that shot) and I have my interviews with my Bishop and Stake President which are both on Sunday. 
so, if my calculations are correct, my mission papers will officially be done and ready to be sent to Salt Lake on Monday!!! wachow. 

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