first off. I'm sorry for being a slacker. SO much has happened since the last time I posted. lucky for you, I keep a journal, so you will be ALL caught up on my life! beware: this is long. and has little pictures [all of them are from my sister. so thanks!!], so if you make it to the end, I commend you.

okay. so let's go back to the day we celebrated the most important day in my life. my birthday.
on my birthday, I woke up like it was any other day and, like it was any other day, went and helped my dad juice pomegranates. then after my mom and Clank came home from school and practice, I got to open my presents. I'll give you three guesses as to what I got. a hint: it wasn't luggage. but it was more mission clothes. I got one more skirt and a few more undershirts and shirts (short sleeved, because I have about a billion long sleeved blouses) [side note: I always try to read my posts before posting them. to avoid embarrassing mistakes. well, in this paragraph I wrote, "... I got to open my clothes. I'll give you three guesses as to what I got. bahahahaha] and then we ate Macaroni and Hot Dogs-- made into a face <-- that is important. it was delicious. but dinner was rushed because Clancy and I had to go talk to our bishop and then our family went to see Here Comes The Boom. it was seriously one of the funniest movies I've seen in a looooooong time. and it was VERY clean. such a plus.

flash forward to November 21st.
probably the third most important day in my life, thus far.
on November 21st, I had the opportunity to go through the temple to receive my endowments. it was a very special time for me and I am very thankful for the family that surrounded me that day, at the temple. after the session, my family and I went to the Pizza Factory for lunch. sooooo good. and so fun.
I just want to take a minute to thank those that were there with me in the temple. it really meant a lot to me to have everyone that came there. I was very pleasantly surprised once I got into the Celestial Room to see people that I didn't think could come that actually came. So thank you Mom (for being my escort and helping me!), Dad (for helping me at the end and for your thoughts and impressions), Addie (for being my "second escort" and giving me some tips to help for future visits to the temple), Scott (for coming and being so supportive of my decision to go on a mission), Parley (for having feelings. and sharing them with me and Mom; that really meant a lot. I guess I owe Ciara a thank you as well for helping you get to that point!), Uncle Josh (for making it to the temple, even though your shirt was too small. skiddamarink.), Aunt Alexis (for coming and for your love), Uncle John (for making me laugh and relax a little bit in the Celestial Room.), Aunt Sheree (for being so excited for me- your hug was one of the best I got that day), Emily (for coming-- it was a very pleasant surprise), Aunt Sarah (for being one of my best friends lately. I honestly don't know what I would do without you and my Mom these days.), Megan (for coming and representing the Bergeson side! it was so great to see you there!), and Aunt Kris (for coming and supporting me [at the temple and my mission], it really meant a lot that you were there that day.). (And Tishelle and Shaye, even though they weren't inside, being outside was good enough for me!) I also want to thank those that wanted to be there but couldn't. For your thoughts and encouragement and kind words! I am so grateful for both of my grandparents who wanted to be there, but couldn't. Thank you for your email and phone call! I love you all!

Thanksgiving was one long holiday for the Leavitt family. Wednesday night we (the Cecil Leavitt family) started a new tradition: Pie Night. and might I say, it is probably one of my favorites. we decided to eat our pies the night before Thanksgiving because everyone is too full on Thanksgiving to fully enjoy the wonders of the delicious pies available. so awesome. then Thursday afternoon we had a big Thanksgiving with the big family. that was super good. (I took some pictures for my Aunt and her kids after dinner. it went well, but I'm still working on them-- if you're reading this, Aunt Denice) then after dinner my [little] family [plus Uncle Josh, Brigham and Grace] borrowed my Aunt and Uncle's fire pit (it is mobile...) and roasted mini marshmallows [because we didn't have any big marshmallows] and just bonded. it was way fun. then Friday we went and got our Christmas tree! and then had another Thanksgiving dinner with my [little] family and Uncle Berke because my Dad had to work Thursday. [burnt turkey = busy day for fire fighters] it was just as delicious as the first. mmmmmm. food.

Thanksgiving. take two.

(please notice my "posed picture face". so cheesy.)
Oh, did I mention, I cut down the Christmas tree? Because I totally did.

I love these people.

and now we are practically caught up. except I am writing this post from my sister's house. in California. my Mom told Scott about some wardrobes and shelving unit things that were going to waste at the school and were free, so Scott and Addie jumped on those real quick and then needed someone to drive the truck back from their house. well, being the only person in the family without a job [or life as of right now] I volunteered. (my dad is coming down to help drive back though.... what a great dad!) it's been pretty fun down here. lots of crafting and time to myself. and of course the sibling bonding time after Addie and Scott get home from work. good times.
** Note to Self-- Post Mission: Watch The Chicago Code, as well as other shows such as, Psych and White Collar.
** Note to Self-- Post Mission: Whenever you get married, call Kyle and Brittany and have them help make wedding decorations. they owe you, whether they know it or not.

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