sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.... seriously they're the worst.

Dear Family,   I've decided that my mission is just not going to be a "normal" mission. I'm just meant to have strange experiences. I've been avoiding telling you all this for about three weeks now, because I didn't want to believe it, but it's real. So I might as well tell you. We had bed bugs. Isn't that the most embarrassing thing ever? In our defense though, it wasn't anything we did. The elders that were here before us brought them into the apartment, but they didn't know it. And we just got the crappy end of the deal. It's okay though. We got our apartment sprayed or whatever they do for bed bugs. It was just really super annoying. We had to put ALL of our clothes into the dryer and heat them up and such. And then we had to live with a member for a day. sigh... it was quite the experience that I never would like to have again. hahaha. Plus, those darn bites ITCH!!! I had them all over my arms. And some on my neck and feet. It was horrid. I mean, it could have been worse, but it was still awful. hahah.   This week was good though other than that! We did a lot of really neat stuff. We got to go out to eat with some members and it was sooooo good! And we went to the Ward's Trunk or Treat/ Chili Cook-off! We dressed up as the Standard Works. :) Based on height. :) hahaha. Since Elder Wilkinson is the tallest, he was the Holy Bible (because it's the longest). Then Sister Willmore was The Book of Mormon, Elder Rogers was the Doctrine and Covenants, and I was The Pearl of Great Price--- because I'm a pearl of great price. :) hahahaha. also because I'm the shortest. But whatever. hahaha.   Our ward had their Primary Program yesterday. It was so hilarious. Because the primary here is so small, all of the kids had multiple speaking parts. They did an excellent job. And of course, I cried... darn kids. Their little testimonies just get me. Plus I really missed my sunbeams yesterday. They're going to be turning eight when I get back!! What in the world?! Who told them they could get big? But it was way good. I loved it.   Things are going great here. I am just loving Jacksonville. The next two weeks are supposed to be pretty exciting. (My birthday's coming up... hint. hint. :):):) just kiddin.) Oh, speaking of birthdays, Momma, we sang to you yesterday! Did you hear it?? :) happy birthday!! It was Bishop Drake's birthday too!   I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Ya'll need to slow down a minute. You're having way too much fun-- doing way to many things! Just kiddin. Keep on keepin on! I love you so much! The gospel is so true! I love the Plan of Salvation so much! It truly is a plan of happiness! And it brings so much hope!   Love you! Sister Sadie Leavitt  
one of the little devils. seriously.

lookin' good. :)

our costumes :)

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