sometimes investigators give you their wedding dresses. wait, what?

Dearest Family,

This week has been INCREDIBLY eventful! And yes, there IS a story to
the subject! But more on that later!

Mom, my address in Mexico is: 7 Ozark Place, Mexico MO, 65265. But I
will probably only be here until the end of March. Just remember that.
And I would send all packages to the Mission Home. [By the way, Jolley
That was superb! :)] And Mom, don't stress, our Zone Leaders come to
all of our district meetings (because we are the closest) and we have
Zone Conference this week! So I should get that package soon!

The Questions about Mexico:
- I have met one Hispanic from Mexico, MO... so no. No Spanish
speaking whatsoever.
- The ward is suuuuuuuuuper small. Like I'm pretty sure our singles'
branch is bigger than the ward here. But it is big enough to be
considered a ward, so maybe not.
- The ward covers about 20 different towns. It's crazy. We spend most
of our time in Mexico though. Thursdays we spend in Auxvasse (said
like Ahhhh vasse... "on every vasse..") And on Saturdays we head over
to Centralia!
- Our teaching pool is pretty large! We have 20 people in our teaching
pool... well if we're being technical we have 17 (we have seen the 17
regularly for the last two weeks). So we stay pretty busy! But
President Clark wants us tracting or finding for 3 hours every day. So
we try to fit that in as well.
- The work is going REALLY well! And I am loving almost every minute
of it. (I get a little cranky when it gets close to lunch time... I
better watch out, all this food might make me a little chunky monkey)

So my week. This week has been sooooo eventful. I can't even describe
it to you! I am sending some pretty awesome pictures home (via snail
mail) so I hope those make it up on my blog!

Okay, so last Tuesday, we were teaching this lovely woman. She is an
eternal investigator because her husband won't let her get baptized.
boo. But anyway. She is wonderful... chatty, but wonderful. So we were
at her house, teaching her about the Restoration (for her fourth time
or so...) and we followed up from the last week's commitment about
writing in a journal. She said she had and went and got it. Well, she
and her husband are renewing their vows and she is about to start
making her wedding dress for that day, so she showed us the fabric and
all that jazz. It is going to be a really pretty wedding dress. So
anyway, she's chatting away and pretty soon almost 2 hours have gone
by. So we start trying to leave. And then she asked us if she could
quickly read something from her journal. So we said sure. She reads us
this entry about how women should sew their own wedding dresses to
show our commitment to God and to our husband. (During this I was
thinking, "no way. if I make my wedding dress it'll look like poo. and
I'm going to look fabulous on my wedding day...") So she finishes
reading this touching journal entry and gets up and starts walking
towards her bedroom and asks, "Do you want to see my first wedding
dress that I made?" Sister Randall and I exchanged glances and stood
up (so we could leave). She pulls out this Renaissance styled wedding
dress. It was pretty and well done, so we complimented her on it. And
the next thing we know, she asked, "Well do you want it?" We tried to
graciously say no, thank you. But she wouldn't have it. And so about 3
and 1/2 hours after walking into that appointment, we walked out of it
with a wedding dress. hahaha. And that is a true story.

Then on Friday our pipes froze. So we didn't have any water in the
morning. That was a huge bummer. And then church got cancelled on
Sunday because the roads were icy and snowy. This was a HUGE
disappointment because we were supposed to have seven people come to
church and we had to call all of them and tell them not to come
because church was cancelled. So hopefully next week. But happy news:
Cookies stay soft out here because of the humidity! You don't even
have to put them in a jar! It's fantastic... unless you burn them.
Then they get hard...

Oh, and people here really fish with hot dogs... hahahahaha
Also, you know on Hot Rod when Rod and Denise do those weird
excercises where they, "puuuuush the ball away."? Well, that has a
name. It's called tie-chi (not slow-mo karate). And my companion does
that in the morning. I get quite the ab workout from silent laughter.

I would love to see the pictures of Rex riding the three-legged horse,
by the way.
Congratulations to Skyler and Emily! I hope all goes well with that
exciting news.
Congratulations to Shaye! Make those Drill Team girls work hard. None
of this easy business. There best be some sweet prop dances! Also, I
miss you mucho! We listen to the MoTab quite often and they hit high
notes and they always make me think of you.
And Clank, good job on Zone! Even if you didn't make it to State, you
still got to wrestle in Zone! Kick some hiney in Track!!
Parley, I love you. I'm sorry I forgot to send the email to you last week!
Addie: Way to stay consistant at the Condie house! bahahahaha. Also,
how many pageviews for "Contact Us" have you had lately?
Scott: I hope school is going well!
Momma, I love you so much! I think about you often! And I am so
grateful that you were such a fantastic mom! Living out here has
really made me grateful for the way I was brought up. And that you and
Dad don't smoke or let dogs in the house! I feel like I'm going to
come back with the lungs of a chain smoker from all of the secondhand
smoke. But honestly, I wouldn't change any of it because I love it
here! I love being a missionary and I can't imagine life as anything
else right now!
Daddio, I love you so much too! I am so glad you have had a good job
my whole life! Thanks for being so awesome and for always telling me
that you're proud of me.

I just want you all to know that I love you so much! I love the gospel
and I love being a missionary! I love that I get to teach the gospel
every day and I love that I have to simplify it so that others can
learn of its goodness! Even though being a missionary is tough and
disappointing sometimes, there are days that are so rewarding that
remind me that the tough days are worth it! The Atonement changes
people and I am so grateful for the power that it has! If you haven't
felt that power in your life, search for it-- ask the missionaries,
they can help you. I love the Savior. And I love you all so much!

Until next week! Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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