speaking of wolves...

Dear Familia,

This week has been pretty good! Things are going quite well here in Mexico! I'm loving pretty much every minute of this time here! Sister Linton and I have been working on the kinks in the area-- trying to figure out how we can visit as many people as possible and use the least amount of miles and so on and so forth. But things are going quite well! We are enjoying ourselves and we laugh a lot so that's definitely good! 
This week we had another baptism!! Larry got baptized and it was just so amazing to be a part of! The Spirit was so strong there and I just felt so much gratitude for the Savior's Atonement and for service oriented people! We had to call in our District Leader and his companion to help us with getting Larry into the font and making sure he went all the way under and such! But everything went well and they only had to baptize him once, which was fantastic! But I also learned of the reality of the adversary this week. He'll do anything in his power to make it so folks don't get baptized. Two days before Larry's baptism, he was really sick-- like on the verge of going to the ER. And so we were wondering if we were going to have a baptism. And then the day of his baptism we found out that he had walking pneumonia and the weather was really gloomy and we were supposed to have a really big storm. But Larry decided that he was going to go through with the baptism. And then the sun came out and everything was fine and dandy! The Lord was really looking out for Larry and He made sure that we knew He was there and that He was aware of us. It was really neat. But then Larry had to go to the ER on Sunday so he wasn't able to get confirmed.... So hopefully he'll be able to do so next week! Keep him in your prayers, please!
We had a pretty normal week, though. Not too much to report on. Oh. I might die. But don't worry about it, I'll be fine. A Sister in our ward has C-Dif and we (Sister Linton and I) might have been exposed to it. We're being really cautious. And we are bleaching pretty much everything we own today after District P-Day so there is no need to fret! Just pray for the Sister in our ward to get better! 
Oh, funny story. So one of the members that always helps us out (I talk about her a lot-- her name is Becky... But for her sake, we'll call her Beck. as in "Yo Beck." Because that's usually how we greet her.) So we were over at Becky's house for dinner and her granddaughter was there and Becky asked her granddaughter who she wanted to say the blessing on the food. Her granddaughter replied, "My favorite-- Sister Leavitt." BOOM. hahahaha. We laughed for a long time. Especially because Sister Linton always plays with her and helps her get things. But Sister Linton didn't do one thing that I did-- I gave her an oreo. bahahhaah. the way to a kid's heart is through their stomach! The oreo story is pretty funny though, so I'll tell you that one too. So M (the granddaughter) was at the baptism and she was telling us how her eye hurt. Well, Becky told us that she is really sympathetic to pain and that her eye probably didn't hurt. So I told M that oreos cured eyes that hurt and I offered her an oreo. She graciously accepted (what four year old wouldn't?). Well, later that night she went to her grandma and said, "My eye hurts. Do you have any oreos?" hahahahahahahahaha. So funny.
Basically, this week has been pretty fantastic! Hanna got confirmed yesterday, which was pretty great. And we have just had a good week. 
I'm glad to hear that you are all having a wonderful springtime. It's still winter here. On Friday it decided to be Spring. It was 80 degrees. And then Saturday it dropped back to 40. That was a huge bummer. But I am really glad that you are all getting to do springtime stuff like planting trees and such! And I'm glad to hear that Kaydee is running track and dominating! I knew she would! And Clank with the pole vault! What a champ! How did Braxton do? What events are all of those kids doing? 
I didn't get any mail this week, other than the package from Addie and Scott! That was such a welcomed package-- Hot Cheetos and Cadbury Eggs! Love those. Seriously. But that was the only mail we got this week. It was rather depressing. So I'm hoping to get some soon... (cough Parley and Ciara cough) 
I'm also glad to hear that Shaye is done with tryouts! And Sister, don't stress with the lesson! You'll do great. And if you feel like it's going horribly, don't worry. Sometimes that just happens. But if you pretend like everything is going the way it's supposed to, no one will know the difference. And just pray to have the Spirit and it will be there! I'll pray for you too! You'll be such a great teacher! And if you feel like singing sometimes-- do it! There isn't anything that brings the Spirit better than a good song! 
Clankster. Where was my Psych quote of the day?! I really look forward to those. 
Compadre and Momma. I'm glad everything is going well for you with gardening and track and work and school and such! Don't worry about me out here, I'm really happy and I am enjoying myself a lot! And I'm learning a lot too! But I love it out here and wouldn't change it for anything! 
Friends. Please write me. I want to know that you're still alive. Elaine (Seriously girl. how is school? How is life?!) Nikki. Rachel. Annie. Chucks. Amberlie (WHEN DO YOU LEAVE?!!?!). Kellie Busath-- GOOD LUCK!! THE MTC IS THE BEST! YOU'LL LOVE IT! Kimberly Treb. How are you doing, kid?! Tell me about your life! Anyway. I love you all-- even if I didn't mention you. I love you all so much and I really do care about what you're doing with your life! 
Grandma Bergeson and Benjamin! Happy Birthday! And Benj, congrats on getting the girl! 
Speaking of wolves, we saw a fox yesterday! I love you so much! The Gospel is so true! The Atonement can and will change your life if you will let it! So please let it! You've never gone too far for the power of the Atonement to help you! I love you, love you, lovvvvvvvve you!
Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt 
Sorry I had to be quick at the end... we forgot we left the oven on... whoops. 

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