status update.


i have REALLY slacked on this whole blogging deal since i've been back.

so sorry.

today's post is going to be an awesome one.

because my life has been awesome. annnnnnnd since i have computer access:


hopefully the pictures will make up for my slacking... if not, bummer.

first: my sister asked me to take her family's pictures because my new baby niece [finally] joined them!

^^^ and seriously, who could say no to taking pictures of this adorable little girl? ^^^

^^^ their cute family. ^^^

then my little brother is going on a mission soon, so we took some mission pictures:

^^^ this stud is going on a mission. ^^^

^^^ seriously, girls. he's gonna need some letters. ^^^

^^^ the Draper temple was looking amazing. ^^^

^^^ and then there's Salt Lake. always looking gorgeous. ^^^

^^^ clankster the gangster. ^^^

^^^ because he's one of those "18 year old missionaries" ^^^

then i went to the Cure Search Walk for Children's Cancer. that was just asking to cry my eyes out.

^^^ this girl is one of my real life heroes. her name is Ellie. she had cancer. but she's a survivor. top that. ^^^

^^^ Ellie and her mom walking at the cure search walk ^^^

^^^ Ellie and her sister, Macie walkin' away. ^^^

^^^ classic. ^^^

^^^ we're good skippers. ^^^ 

the next few are out of order. but whatever. they're pictures.

^^^ #babysfirstselfie ^^^

^^^ on our way to the Ogden


Rededication ^^^

^^^ #womensmeeting waiting in the rain. but still lookin' good. ^^^

if you didn't get a chance to see the women's meeting, NO FEAR! watch it



^^^ after the meeting. a nice stranger offered to take our picture. thanks, stranger! ^^^

^^^ secret: sometimes i google myself. just to see if i'm still there... i'm still there. ^^^

these last few weeks have been


. i would not trade them for the world. i've


a ton.




a bunch. and i seriously would not take any of it back. and to think....

the best is yet to come.

bring it on.

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