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5 tips for growing your photography business

Posted by Sadie Banks on

i started doing photography as a hobby about six years ago. i wasn't any good at it, but starting is what got me to this point today. i'm still learning & still trying to grow my business as a blogger photographer in salt lake city, but i'm a full-blown photographer with clients, so i consider that a huge win! i've learned a few things along the way & wanted to share my tips for growing a photography business. 

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5 must-have wedding photos at the salt lake temple

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if you're getting married this summer at the salt lake temple, there are a few places that you NEED to take pictures at. it's almost tradition, but also these spots are PERFECT for gorgeous wedding photos & there's still endless opportunities to have DIFFERENT wedding photos at these points, so you can still be creative while hanging onto a few traditions. 

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5 tips for choosing a unique photo location

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photo shoot (3).jpg

it's mondaaaaaay, which means it's 5 tips day! i'm really excited about today's post because i LOVE scouting out & choosing unique photo locations. sure, i have my favorite locations that i return to over and over again, but i also like choosing unique locations that nobody else has used before. or at least choosing locations that are unique enough that locals couldn't say, "that was shot at ________ location. everybody shoots there." so here we go, 5 of my best tips for choosing a unique photo location!


1. know the style of photos that you want
one of the first questions i ask when clients book a session is "do you want a more natural landscape or urban/city vibe?" knowing the answer to this question really helps me narrow down what they're looking for. if they want a city vibe, then i know that driving around the mountains probably isn't going to give them the type of photos they want. if they want a natural vibe, then recommending cityscapes + rooftop locations probably isn't going to mesh well with them. 


2. open your eyes
this sounds weird, but i have found some of the most beautiful locations just by opening my eyes & paying attention to the places around me. there are SO many beautiful places that are so close to you-- wherever you live-- all you have to do is open your eyes & look for them. you'll start to see them & the world will become a new place. it's the coolest thing. 


3. don't be afraid of small spaces
honestly, as a photographer, i can work with pretty small spaces if i need to. one of my biggest goals is to make sure that my client is more of the subject than the scenery, so if there's a specific wall that you like & want to take your photos in front of, don't be shy! try it out & see what happens! 


4. get out and walk
sometimes driving around isn't enough. get out & walk your city/town. you'll be amazed at how many new things & places pop up that you just didn't see before. i love walking around my hometown (that i don't shoot in anymore) because i find new places & locations that i think would be so neat to shoot at. and honestly, some of my most favorite photos of all time have been in my parent's backyard or even inside someone's home. (hello, gorgeous in-home sessions. ALLLLLLL the heart eyes)


5. go behind buildings or off the beaten path a little
city vibe pro tip: behind buildings are WHERE. IT'S. AT. it's usually a little grungy, but that's art, ya'll. also, sometimes if you're lucky, you'll score a sweet mural or something. i don't typically recommend going off the beaten path in nature because we need to be kind to nature & let it be, but sometimes when you're hiking & there is no path, you run into the most beautiful spots! (one of my dreams is to shoot in the st. george gorge one day because HELLO gorgeous ireland looking cliffs)


bonus tip: pay attention to the light & time of day
sometimes locations don't mesh well with the time of your shoot. paying attention to the time of day or where the sun is can really benefit you-- look at where the shadows are & where the sun is shining in that particular location. photography is all about light, so if you're aware of the way the light is, you'll greatly improve your ability to choose a great photo location!


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5 tips to have happy engagement photos

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welcome to monday! today is the unofficial first day of my newest series: 5 tips. each week, i will share 5 tips for something fun! today's 5 tips post is 5 tips to have happy engagement photos!

photo shoot.jpg

wedding season is upon us. the blossoms have budded & bloomed, the weather is warming up, the days are getting longer & that means that soon, your fridge will be filled with wedding announcements & your weekends will be spent reception hopping (well, if you're in utah, that is). but for some of you, it's finally your turn to get all dressed up, go to a special location with the one you love & take pictures to put on that announcement on aunt fannie's fridge. YOU'RE ENGAGED & THAT'S THE BEST THING EVER!! 


today, i want to share 5 of my best tips for having happy engagement photos! (don't be that couple that looks uncomfy or unhappy!!)

1. it's okay to kiss & love on your fiance
i know that it's a little awkward to kiss in front of your photographer, but trust me when i say that we're professional third wheels & kissing just doesn't even phase us. we want to show people that you're in love & the only way we can do that is if YOU act like you're in love. (which should be easy because you ARE in love!!)


2. fill in the gap
i always tell my couples at the beginning of my sessions that i want them to always be close to each other-- unless i tell them differently. again, i'm a professional third wheel & PDA doesn't phase me, so get hip to hip & fill in the gap between you & your love. 


3. be yourselves + be silly
i ask my couples to do tickle wars, dance, i tell my grooms to pick up their bride & spin her around. it's OKAY to have fun. it's OKAY to do things that make you laugh. because laughing & happiness is super good when it comes to marriage & love.


4. laugh & laugh a lot


5. enjoy the session
even if the weather turns crappy or something goes wrong (because something always goes wrong, amiright?) just enjoy your session. enjoy taking your engagement photos with the love of your life because this never happens again. this is a time to cherish. don't stress but just enjoy it. 

what tips would you add for having a happy engagement photos?


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if you're interested in hiring sadie banks photography as your wedding photographer this summer, email for more information! i'd love to work with you, so be sure to email sooner than later so we can work together! 

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