the banks bungalow

i have lovingly named our cute little basement apartment the banks bungalow. we LOVE our apartment and are so grateful to have found it after searching for months! we found it and got the paperwork settled about three days before we got married so just imagine that stress along with getting married.... (i was kind of a wreck... i'll be real)

but just to give you a little insider's look and mostly a sneak peek of what we've got so far.

this is part of our gallery wall. it's a work in progress. we are still working on finding a picture of the Savior that we both love. and then also i feel like it just needs a few more things and then it will be good to go!  however-- i must point out the temple picture in the center. i got it for christmas and i love it. to see other work by Artwork by Celeste go here.  the photos of us were taken by the ever so talented Debby Leavitt Photography
our kitchen. oh my. i LOVE our kitchen and all of the fun colorful dishes we were given as wedding gifts. we are still working on the other half of the kitchen, so you'll just have to wait to see those photos!
our bedroom. it's so nice and cozy. we currently don't have a kitchen table in our kitchen, so we get to eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner in bed. while we watch gilmore girls. or parker watches the walking dead. or i do homework. it's a fun time. 
we have been SO incredibly blessed to find this apartment! it is perfect for us and we are so grateful! 
excitement & news:
we are really moving forward with this whole blogging thing! to follow along and never miss a post: - follow us on instagram @thebanksblog  - head on over to The Banks Blog on facebook and give us a 'like'!! or click here.
ALSO. last but not least! today one of my photos was featured on a pretty popular instagram account (@ldstempleaday) parker and i were both so excited! 

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