the bucket lists

I have a confession.

I stress over EVERYTHING.

Marriage, dating, single life, school, my grandparents, the people I babysit for, time, money, marriage, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, return missionary life, my family, my blog, marriage, oh and marriage. Did I mention marriage? The thought terrified and excites me all in one breath.

and I'm not even dating anyone!

Lately I have been real into asking people about their dating experiences. You know, to mentally role play my own. Pathetic. I know. I digress.

But through my questioning I have talked to some pretty amazing people! And received some really great advice. Also some hilarious stories, but that just comes with the territory.

Yesterday I was talking to my free counselor (my brother-in-law... He's a real counselor so it counts) and he challenged me to make a bucket list of things I want to do before I get married so that I don't preoccupy myself with worrying that I 1) miss opportunities and 2) still live life.

I decided to share the two bucket lists that I have made:

#1: Things to do before I get married:

• go to AFRICA
• go to New York
• go to Hawaii & visit my best pal Rachel
• go to three different temples in ONE WEEK
• learn to {legitimately} use a DSLR
• go on 100 dates
• visit all 50 states {or before I'm 30}
• see the Great Salt Lake • maybe even touch it
• go to a session of GENERAL CONFERENCE • #ldsconf
• write a book

#2: things to do before I die:
• graduate college
• TEMPLE MARRIAGE to my best friend
• have offspring
• be a professional blogger
• go to a drive-in movie
• pay ca$h for a hou$e
• start and have my own HOMELESS SHELTER
• see the Northern Lights
• learn to {truly} enjoy the moment IN the moment

"GO confidently in the <direction> of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

This is life. And I've decided to start living it.

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