the deets.

so after i posted brb? i received a lot of comments of people wanting the details about me & parker...

wellllllll.... here ya go.

we met about 2 & 1/2 years ago in mexico, missouri. (we looked up the "actual date" the other day and it was sometime in april 2013... like the 26th or 27th or something like that... for all those that really care) we were both missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. and our relationship was the epitome of platonic. we were seriously just friends.

then like a year later, parker went home and then six months later i went home. and we stayed friends. the best kind of friends though-- ya know, we liked each other's pictures on facebook and instagram and saw each other like one time.

THEN. in may, i went up to provo to... do something... (i can't remember) and i hung out with a bunch of mission friends and parker was there. but he was super in like with another girl. nbd. but i told him that i was thinking about going to uvu and he told me that we would be best friends and hang out every day. and i was like, "cool." but i hadn't decided where i wanted to go yet-- idaho state sounded pretty good still. and provo just wasn't my number one choice. fast forward a few weeks, i decided that i was definitely going to uvu (not because of parker. just so we are clear on that).

at the end of june we started talking basically every day. still just as friends. as in, there was ZERO talk of any sort of relationship beyond the friend zone... [even though i had the HUGEST crush on him.] and then somehow, we had decided that he was going to come visit me in b-town. which was legitimately a four hour drive for him. [by this time i was super confused as to how he really felt about me but decided to just go with the flow] it was decided that he would come visit me the weekend of july 24th.

after a while (like a month) july 24th rolled around and he came and visited me. and we had the best weekend ever. it was just a ton of fun. we went to little jamaica, we went to the lake, we golfed with glow-in-the-dark golfballs off of the mesa, and we laughed-- a lot-- like the whole weekend. but we still didn't talk about dating or anything like that. [and frankly, i was TERRIFIED to even bring it up] but then before he left to go back home-- he was literally walking out the door-- some of my extended family members stopped us because they wanted to meet him and they AMBUSHED us with SO many embarrassing questions like:
> are you dating?
> if you're "just friends" then which one of you doesn't want to be "just friends"?
> what are your intentions? (that one was specifically for parker... i was MORTIFIED)
> are you going to date?
needless to say, my face was pretty dang red and i was so embarrassed... but i was kind of grateful though because i wasn't going to bring that up...

two weeks later, i went up to salt lake to take my cousin's mission pictures/ for his farewell. that friday we had our first date and the rest is... well, the present. i would say history, but it's still happening.

long story super short: we were friends for a long time and then it was like BAM. love.

it just happened.

this was on our first date!

also on our first date.

look, we matched. we didn't even plan it.

this is actually our real life look.

now. for the answers to the questions in your heads:
- we've been "officially dating" for like 4 weeks or something like that... but we usually just say the 24th of july because that's easier to remember... *shrug*
- we don't know if we will get married. that's why we are dating.
- he works at a call center and is taking a semester off to figure out what he wants to do with his life, but he usually goes to uvu.
- we don't know if we will get married. we'll have to see.
- he treats me REALLY, REALLY well. he's such a gentleman all the time.
- again, don't know about the 'm' word. dating is super fun at this point. so we're just going with it for now.

that's basically it. if i didn't share something you wanted to know about, sorry. but that's all that i'm really going to share with all ya'll.

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