the ends of the week.

the weekend is, by far, my favorite part of the week. not only because i don't have school, but also because that is when i get to hang out with parker. on the weekdays we both have school, he has work from 6am-2:30pm, and we are both suuuuuper tired by the time he gets home that it is just easier to watch a movie or take a nap than it is to go outside... the cold weather hasn't helped this situation either-- it was much easier to go outside when it wasn't cold! 
HOWEVER. this weekend was, in one word, somuchfun. (for all you Reba watchers out there, "paperplates" ... "van, that's two words..." "not the way i say it, 'paperplates'.") 
we were able to go to a Utah Jazz game, where we started out in the sixth row but then after half time we were able to move to the SECOND ROW. parker put it perfectly (say that 10x fast) when he said, "ya know, i feel like if i yelled at the refs right here, they would actually be able to hear me. which is awesome, but also kind of scares me..." or another thing that was a little bit intimidating was the fact that if a player's name was yelled or mentioned, they would react. because they could hear us. it was a WAY cool experience. we didn't take a ton a pictures because we were too busy being aw-struck at our good fortune for the night. also, after half time i was busy eating my FREE nachos. best bonus ever. 

on saturday, we were feeling a little cabin feverish and so we decided to go out and "practice some photography" or rather we decided to go find adventures. so, we headed up provo canyon and went to explore the camp that parker worked at a few summers ago: aspen grove. parker already has a love for aspen grove, but each time we go up there, i fall for it a little more! the scenery is GORGEOUS and even though i've never done the activities up there, they have a TON of really cool things! (parker is obsessed with that place and he will tell an aspen grove story ANY chance he gets. so, if you worked at aspen grove with parker there is a 100% chance i've heard at LEAST one story about you) 

this last adventure didn't actually happen during the weekend. last tuesday, we had the opportunity to attend the Provo City Center Temple Open House. it was beautiful. every time i think about what actually happened to this make this temple actually a temple, i am blown away. major props to the fire fighters for not letting it get completely destroyed. props to the church leaders for having the faith and vision to completely transform something that was seemingly ruined forever into something so incredible and something that can bring people even closer to our Father in Heaven! and props to the construction workers for actually doing the work! (i watched a time lapse of the entirety of the construction process and wow. just wow. you can watch it here.) 

after the open house, we went to station 22 for dinner. it was sooooo yummy! and they had some pretty tasty rootbeer too! 

i almost died when i saw their book collection. this type of book collection (the rainbow and everything) has been part of my dream life for about 6 months now. i've started my collection and it's awesome. you can see it below!

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