the fall of the trining...

Dear Family,

From what it sounds like, your weeks have been just as busy as mine! Holy smokes. Getting engaged, wrestling tournaments, drill team try-outs, track meets, house building, running for student body. Sheesh. Slow down a bit! Just joshin. I'm glad that you are all staying busy and not thinking about your favorite missionary in Mexico, Missouri-- that's the root of all heartache; thinking about me... or home-- it just makes you want to cry. So I don't think about home too often. Plus, we haven't even had time to think about home lately! Things have been so crazy here! Always changing. Always, always changing. Just when I think things are going to stay the same for a second, the Assistants call us...
So my week: Monday: Woke up sick. Yeah, I told you about that last week. It was wretched. But the blessing and power of the priesthood prevailed and I'm not sick anymore! Hooray!  Tuesday: We had Zone Conference in Lake St. Louis with Elder and Sister Miner. Elder Miner is a professional pianist (James Oneil Miner-- look him up, he's waaaaay good) My companions and I played "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." I arranged the piece, we had Sister Randall play the flute, I played the piano, and Sister Linton sang. It was really fun. But after hearing Elder Miner play, I didn't want to play anymore. But it turned out really great and it was really fun. Then our district had dinner together and we went home because it was late! Wednesday: Okay, so this is the fall of the trining. We started the day off right with our studies and then straight to an appointment. It was an awesome appointment, the Spirit was there and strong. It was just dandy. Well, the Assistants called us in the middle of the appointment (our phone was on silent-- of course) and left us a message telling us to call them back. So, being the obedient kids we are (humble too), we called them back. This is what they said (well, it's along the lines of what they said), "Hey Sisters, we are having an Emergency Transfer and we need Sister Randall to help us. A Sister in Fredricktown needs a new companion and we've prayed about it and Sister Randall is the person that kept coming to mind. Sister Leavitt, you'll take over as Senior Companion and you'll finish Sister Linton's training. Sister Randall, go back to your apartment and pack your stuff. We need you in St. Louis as soon as possible. Can you do that for us? We're sorry you have to rearrange your day, but we really need you here as soon as you can be here." We said okay and then went to our apartment and got Sister Randall all packed and loaded her things into the car. We stopped at one member's house so that Sister Randall could say goodbye to her and then we left for St. Louis. We drove two hours -ish to St. Louis and talked to the Office Elders (and Sisters). I met the Batchelors from Overton, we took a picture (did you get it?) and then President told us to go get Sister Randall's things from the car. After we took her things into the office they sent us back to Mexico. So we drove another two hours-ish back to Mexico. And thus ends the trining. It was super crazy. And now I'm training. And driving. And pretending like I know what's going on. Awesome, huh? Thursday: We had District Meeting. And then we tracted in Auxvasse. We set a few return appointments and had a pretty awesome day. Friday: Friday was just a good day, I believe. I don't particularly remember what happened. But I'm sure it was something good! Op. I remember. The Assistants came out and visited us for a little while. They just got to know us a little better and talked to us about the work in Mexico. It was good times. And then we weekly planned. It was pretty good. Saturday: WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! It was super exciting! Hanna got baptized on Saturday! It was super great! After the baptism we had her write in her journal how she felt and she showed me and one of the things that she wrote was, "I know that I am a child of God." It melted my heart. I am so happy for her and I know that the decision she made on Saturday was the right one. And that she is a child of God. We also went to Centralia on Saturday. We visited a few investigators that we hadn't seen in a while and it was really great. I just love the people here. I learn so much from them every day. It's great.  Sunday: We had church. Hanna didn't get confirmed (her folks weren't there and it was decided that they should be there for that...) which was a bummer. But she did come to church! And then we went and visited Larry. I love that guy. He's so cool. He's been sick lately. Satan is just working and working and working on him to try and keep him from getting baptized, but he just doesn't agree with that. Two of the men from our ward came out and gave him a blessing and I will tell you this: it was the most amazing experience. I've never had an experience like that before with someone else's blessing. It was so crazy. I don't know how to describe it. Just that the priesthood power is real and that faith can literally move mountains. It was so cool to be in that room. I wish you all could have been there and felt the Spirit that was there! How lucky I was to be able to be there! 
It was a very good week. Very crazy. But very good. We drove a lot. We stressed too much. We laughed even more. This is a good thing. The best days of my life, probably. At least thus far.  I love you all so much. I love hearing from you and about your adventures back home! I love hearing about your blessings! I know that us missionaries are working hard for our families. We love you so much and think about you sometimes. I love you so much! I am so excited for Parlos and Ciara! I BEST be getting that detailed letter in the mail sometime within the next week or so. Don't rush the details, but sprinkle a little hustle on it. (I don't know how to spell that in spanish... bummer) 
Peace and blessings, children. The Church is true! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! Shout it from the mountain tops because the world needs to know! Share the gospel with your friends and then refer them to the missionaries!  Love you mucho grande. Five muches. To the moon and back.  Sister Sadie Leavitt

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