the fall of the trining... part two.

Dear Family,

Let me just tell you. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. TO. TALK. TO. YOU! bah! 6 days. But who's counting? It's going to be great. But here's part of the deal... I don't remember when ya'll have church- 11, right?- well, I have church at 10. Which is 8 there. So if you have church at 11 then you'll get out at 2, which is 4 here. so I'm thinking we can chat at like 4:30? yeah? I vote yes. So be ready at 2:30. Because that's when I'll be calling. No dilly dallying or talking forever at church... *cough* mother *cough* father *cough*
Okay, so our week. My trining fell once again. We had yet ANOTHER emergency transfer. I guess they just give me all of the champion companions. And then they take them from me when I least expect it. Crazy. This time it was Sister Linton who peaced out. She went to Lake St Louis. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of Mexico. She is doing well though. 
Then we had Exchanges Wednesday and Thursday. We did part of the exchange in Mexico and then since we had interviews on Thursday we went to Columbia for those and then went to Fulton for the rest of the day. It was a way good exchange. I learned a lot and really enjoyed myself. Well, except for the part when Sister Webster and I accidentally locked the keys in the car and it was FREEZING outside. That wasn't any fun. Well, actually we had a lot of fun in that time. We taught this guy who came to help us. And we got to call and talk to a lot of different people on the phone to see how to get into a Chevy Malibu that has the trunk open. Well, after about an hour, we finally got into the car without breaking any windows or calling a lock smith (that's what they're called right?) So that was really good. Oh, President Interviews were super great! I really love President Clark. He's probably one of the best mission presidents out there. I've learned a lot about love from him. He's the greatest.
But yeah. We've had a super good week. I can't remember everything. Things are just blurring by. Oh. We moved our mattresses into the living room to sleep because our room is hotter than Mars, I'm pretty sure. And the AC only hits the living room. But we slept like champions last night because it was ACTUALLY cool. So that was really fantastic. 
OH. I almost forgot the best part of the whole week! DEBI GOT BAPTIZED!! She's been waiting 15 years to get baptized and her husband finally let her! And he even came to the baptism! His heart is being softened every day. The Lord works miracles! And it is so great! She was confirmed yesterday in church and life is so great! I love being a missionary! Miracles happen! 
okay, now to you folks back home. every one at home: stop moving. seriously. You get hurt left and right. Maybe you all should just sit for a couple of seconds. You can't get hurt sitting, I don't think. 
babies. babies. baaaaayyyyybies!!! I am so excited for everyone who is getting/ having babies! Sometimes it is so hard to be a missionary when those chubby little babies are in Sacrament meeting and you can't hold them! erg. I love it though! Oh man. I hope my cute little baby niece is here soon! I know, I know.... she's needs to gain some weight, but I just feel like she's gonna be a chunker. So it'll all work out! 
Okay. I'm done rambling. I love you all so much! I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!! Be safe! Be online at 2:30.  Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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