the good life.

so this post might just be a rant. slash things that I'm grateful for. it's gonna be awesome. 

so today was one of those days where ALL of my roommates got packages. lucky them. i guess i can't complain too much because i get letters like everyday (except today of course) and they usually don't get any... but that is beside the point.
so i might be the cruelest roommate ever but sometimes my roommates wait for really LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG periods of time for their packages or letters and then when i check the mail and the package/letter gets here, i hide it. and then i make them go on a scavenger hunt. cruel? probably. (insert evil laughter here)
today i went to the academic advising centers to find out what i want to do with my life exactly and well... i still have NO idea what i'm going to do... in terms of getting a BFA in Photography or just getting an Integrated Studio Arts degree. if i do the BFA, i won't have a minor but i would get MAJOR Photography skills. BUUUUUUUUUT if i do the Integrated Studio Arts degree, i would minor in Marriage and Family Studies (which would be AWESOME because those classes are legitimate... i LOVE my Marriage Prep class) 
but other news... i've been contemplating going on a mission a lot lately and i talked to my bishop about it yesterday! and here's the crazy part: i can turn in my papers next July!!! ahhhhhhh! that is not very far away at all. 
oh goodness. life is getting so good. so crazy good. and things work out perfectly sometimes. 
10 things i'm grateful for:
  1. my roommates: Amberlie, Christina, and Mary they are willing to listen to my dramatic outbursts. and they are just too great for their own good! 
  2. MR. WAITE. this man is a life saver. i owe him my firstborn.
  3. my family. they are the best. hands down.
  4. the piano sometimes i have mental breakdowns and playing that instrument gets all of my frustrations and sorrows out
  5. people that know what they're talking about even though i still am not exactly sure what i'm going to do, their advice and knowledge really helped me today
  6. food. good food. and snacks, i love snacks. i feel so at home with my new snacks that my Momma and sister brought me this weekend!!
  7. a clean apartment my apartment is always clean and it is so easy to relax in! i love it.
  8. my simple school schedule i have the BEST schedule this next block. i have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays, two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and NO classes on Fridays. huzzah!
  9. my short kid shower the shower heads here in Perkins are SUPER short and it is seriously PERFECT height for me. i love it. 
  10. everyone in my life i have realized these last few days how important every single person that has come into my life has been to my growth and my learning and if it weren't for every single person that i've met in the past 19 years, i wouldn't be the person i am today. i've realized how much of an impact i can have on someone's life and how a few unsaid words can really change a person's life. and sometimes i wonder how someone's life would be different had i said the things i wanted to. 
sorry for the vagueness. but yeah, i'm done for today.

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