the last week of the month. oh and 13.

So sorry. I've been slackin' on my job. My bad. -Shaye

Hey ya'll,
Things have been going pretty well here! I can't complain too much! Because NOW IT'S FEBRUARY!! Huzzah. The end of the month is SUCH a killer here. This week was kind of lame due to our lacking in mileage. We're just not sure how to budget miles. I mean budgeting money is pretty easy-- you just don't spend it... or go to the store. Budgeting miles-- WE HAVE TO GO PLACES. Lest we shall be known as piles. And that's just not cool. Plus, I'm not a pile. So we're trying to figure out how to budget our miles better. But it's a new month, so we can go ANYWHERE!! :) Yay. I love new months.
Yesterday was my "official" 13 month mark. Crazy. It feels like just yesterday I was emailing in Mexico. But really that was a year ago. Life moves so swiftly. And Shaye mentioned in her email that everything goes by faster if you just count Fast Sundays. Which is SO true. Or if you count transfers. It's crazy. Shaye-- you only have one transfer left of being single. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's so weird. Can I just say that? Maybe it's not weird to everyone else, because you've been there for this little love story, but it's a little strange on this end. I mean that with all of the love I can muster. :) Promise. :)
Missionary stuff is going pretty well. We're trying really hard to get some baptismal dates set. But things keep falling through, because [un]fortunately, people have their agency. And they choose not to come to church. Super lame. Especially because I. LOVE. CHURCH. It's become a thing. I wish that we went to church every day, sometimes. But it's okay, Sundays only is really great. Because then we don't get sick of church.
We have a lot of really neat things about to happen here soon. We're planning on having Missionary Week [like we did in Seminary] and we're going to have a competition between the wards in our district. I'm really excited! And we just got new Auxiliary Presidencies, and the Young Womens' President is SUUUUUUUUUUPER into missionary work, so it'll be really great! I'm really excited!

Anyway, things are good here. Cold, but good. Oh, note: Lotion doesn't work here. The humidity sucks the life out of your skin. No matter what. It's cool. I've used more lotion in the last four months than I have in probably my entire life.... just for my hands. It's quite the experience. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. You should all wish that you were missionaries. Actually, you should just all be missionaries. Because you can be. :) Member missionaries for the win.

I love you. And I'll stop rambling now. 
The gospel is SO true! Christ was resurrected! And life is so good.  Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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