the lazy girl's guide to a capsule wardrobe

as soon as i posted that i have a capsule wardobe, i knew i would get questions about it. now, i am NOT a fashion blogger & i honestly hate getting ready in the morning, so this is the lazy girl's guide to a capsule wardobe.

i don't do accessories or tons of layers because i am lazy. it's not that i don't like them, it's just... well, ain't nobody got time for that. also it is really hot in the summer & i don't need any help getting sweaty. 

so here's how my capsule wardrobe works:

i only buy neutral colored everyday clothes. i have like two dresses that have more color to them. & then i wear jeans, khakis, or black pants/shorts.

choosing clothes in the morning is super easy because when i buy new clothes they have to pass this simple test:

  1. do i absolutely love it?
  2. is it in the color scheme?
  3. could i fall asleep in it or wear it on a plane? (the comfort aspect of this test)
  4. will it last longer than three washes?
  5. could i wear it to work?
  6. is it more than $15?

if it passes the test then it goes into my closet, which makes picking out clothes in the morning SUPER easy because it's not a hard choice because i absolutely love all of my clothes!! 

also, to keep my wardrobe smaller i have these two rules:

  1. if i don't wear it in four weeks (aka ONE MONTH) it goes to DI
  2. i have to get rid of at least one item before i can buy a new item. 

these rules keep me from overspending & over filling our small closet. i have to mention that sometimes things DO get thrown away because i wear them out. (it's almost time to retire one of my favorite shirts & my only pair of jeans + khakis....) one of my biggest pieces of advice is to follow rule number one of buying: DO I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT? if not, you probably won't wear it. even if the price tag is SO CHEAP, don't buy it if you don't love it. buying a $3 shirt that never gets worn is wasting $3.

shoes are a little bit trickier for me because i am SO picky when it comes to shoes. i don't typically like "trendy shoes" or "girl shoes" i like sandals & tennis shoes & a limited selection of boots. 

i do not buy shoes unless i absolutely love them (ask parker, one time he took me to a shoe store & told me that he would buy me ANY pair of shoes in the store... an hour later we walked out with no pairs of shoes...) BUT for this post's purpose these are the shoes i have & wear:

  • winter boots
  • fall boots
  • tennis shoes (exercise + work shoes)
  • tennis shoes (for fun-- they're like converse, but i got them brand new at DI for $5)
  • sandals (however almost all of my sandals have been worn out & i need new ones... next year)
  • heels (for church... once a month... )
  • hiking shoes (for hiking obviously & photo shoots. they are sturdier & harder for pokie things to get into)
  • sperry's

i wear basically the same shoes every single day & i don't buy new shoes until those shoes are practically worn out. because i wear the same shoes every day, i have to make sure that they match the style & comfort level of what i wear every day because even though i'm lazy, i don't want to look too goofy. 

i don't know if i have any "you HAVE to have THIS item in your capsule wardrobe" items because i think that everyone's style + level of comfort is different. but here are a few tips to keep in mind as you create your own capsule wardrobe:

  1. you gotta love it. & by love it, i mean LOVVVVVE it. 
  2. don't buy "dry clean only" clothes. ain't nobody got time for that.
  3. it's okay to have three of the same shirt. (if you love it, you might as well have multiple because you'll wear it!! hello kim possible closet)
  4. have at least 4 pairs of pants (not jeans-- PANTS-- so khakis, black pants, navy pants, leggings... whatever floats your boat) this way you can switch up your "look" without having to add accessories or buy tons & tons of tops.
  5. buy socks that are either the same color or can be mix & matched then making pairs is 100x easier

i love my lazy girl capsule wardrobe because it makes getting ready in the morning & laundry WAY easier! (i also use FCF's laundry method-- sorting by fabrics instead of colors-- to keep my clothes nice longer!!) 

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