the start of something new

yep. i just quoted high school musical. and i'm not even sorry.

the new year always brings that feeling of... well... newness. a fresh start. goals. reflection. all that junk.

well, just like every other person in the world, i've made my goals for the new year. and i'm gonna rock them. (or i'll probably quit by the end of the month... just like i do every other year. but it's the thought that counts, right?)

however, this year, my goals are pretty realistic. at least i think they are right now. here they are:

1. be a legit fellowshipper for someone.
2. study the Book of Mormon like I wrote it.
3. knock at least three things off of my bucket lists.
              - Hawaii (booooooo yahhhhhhh!)
              - write a book
              - hike ensign peak
              - learn to legitimately use a DSLR
              - go to a drive in movie
4. learn to trust
5. get my associates

i'm super stoked for 2015. i have no clue what is in store for me this year, but i'm excited to see it all play out! i'm moving forward. so here's to that.

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