the steeple series

lately, i've been working on a photography project. it's not for school or anything like that, but just for fun. i was inspired (i didn't copy... there's a difference) by one of my favorite photographers to follow on instagram (@mandinelson). she posted a similar picture and i fell in love with it. and then a little while after that, the steeple series was born.

salt lake temple
mount timpanogos temple
st. george temple
provo temple
provo city center temple
it's a work in progress, but so far, i'm in love. we hope to visit many more temples in our lifetime (and in the next year!! huzzah for road trips!) and this is definitely a project we plan on continuing! for our friends not of our faith: two fantastic & quick reads about Why Latter-day Saints Build Temples and what Mormon Temples are used for.

which temples would you like to see in the series in the near future? let us know by leaving a comment!

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