the weekend.

this weekend was AWESOME!! Shaye and I went home for the weekend and we did lots of fun activities. I'm not all too sure that we had a minute of downtime before we went to bed each night.

On Friday, we drove down to Vegas with my Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah to see Wicked! It was so good! This was my, Shaye, and Aunt Sarah's second time seeing it. We went once before in 2007 and saw it in L.A. (It was amazing there too!) I think we all had different opinions on what we liked better in L.A. versus Vegas and what was better in Vegas versus LA, but overall I think we all agreed that it was just as good. And we enjoyed it. [personally, I loved the LA Fiyero. I just thought he was the most attractive man on earth. And then we met a few of the [LA] cast members afterwards-- Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero-- and the guy that played Fiyero put his arm around me and he wore glasses. My little 15 year old heart almost couldn't take it. I was smitten. But the guy in Vegas did a great job as well.]

me and Shaye in the car on the drive down.

in the lobby of the Smith Center [it was HUGE and gorgeous] before the show!

On Saturday, I was rudely awakened from my night's sleep at 7:00 IN. THE. MORNING. by my sister who told me that we were going to the lake. [I guess waking up that early wasn't too bad after all] Only problem: I didn't bring my swimsuit. I knew my padres and little broski and his homecoming group were going to the lake but my dad had [jokingly] told me that Shaye and I weren't invited unless we brought dates. Guess who didn't get the joke? Anyway. We ended up driving the girls down to the lake, while the boys rode with my parents. hahahaha. It was a beautiful day at the lake. And when I say beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL. picture heaven and that's what the lake was like. So naturally everyone had to have a turn. Even me. I went knee-boarding and [tried] slaloming again (but I didn't get up) in a t-shirt and shorts. It was a great day. After the lake we went to The Inside Scoop [but of course] for our traditional after-the-lake-ice-cream. 
Once we got home, the boys took the girls home so they could get ready. Shaye, my Mom, my Dad, Taner's parents [one of the boys in the group], and I all scrambled to get the dinner ready. After about a zillion and a half trips to Mesquite [okay, so it was only two, but it seemed like more] Shaye and I were back at home eating the left-over steaks from the homecoming dinner. I'd say we scored. And then Shaye, my parents, and I watched IQ. Before bed. It was a good day. 
Sunday was wonderful as usual. Church and then Sunday dinner. And this gem of a picture:

life doesn't get much better than this.

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