these days.

these last few days have been extremely long. you see, I have had THREE days off this week. which is a little excessive if you ask me. but I think in the Fall Season I will be wishing I had three days off because I'm gonna be working like a maniac. really. like a maniac. see, during the Summer Season, there have been four supervisors. but once Summer ends, one of them is moving to Arizona and then another one is only working Saturdays. so the other supervisor and I will be working as often as they can get us in, without going over 30 hours a week.

but guess what is happening in eight. short. days. GUESS.

okay. I'll tell you. 
my family is coming up to Cedar and we're going to see Les Mis!!!! 
yeah. and my sister's in-laws are coming too! I. Am. So. Excited. imagine a cup. and then imagine filling the cup full of water. all the way to the brim. and then imagine the cup over flowing with water. that's how excited I am. (I'm the cup in that analogy. just in case you missed that.)

But here's what's been goin' down this last little while.

a lot of this:
paroozing through Pinterest is one of my favorite activities lately. but I'm trying to quit. I waste SO much time on there. 

quite a bit of this:
reading my favorite blogs is another one of my favorite pass times. I LOVE BLOGS. 

some of this:
I'm learning to be financially frugal. this is my "Money Saving Tips" document. 

and this:
This is the spreadsheet I made to track my spending and all that jazz. It rocks. Excel is super awesome. If you don't know how to use it, LEARN. seriously. It's a life saver. if you need help or want any tips, let me know! I'm still learning, but I think I've got the gist of it! and I LOVE working with finances and learning to be frugal and seeing what works and what doesn't! seriously, if you want to talk money, let me know. I am so down.

and I've made a few of these:

LISTS!! I LOVE lists. This is a list of lunch foods that I can make for myself while I am at school because I'm planning on being on campus for most of the day so that I get things done.

and these too: 
I color envelopes at work. These are the ones I haven't sent off to my missionary buddies. Colored envelopes are great because the missionaries get excited to get them and coloring them gives me something to do at work. win-win situation right there.

and today I read this: (in 2 1/2 hours. I have a problem. I know.)
for those that know me, you KNOW I love LDS Romance Novels. this one wasn't any different. it was quite good. I enjoyed it. 

and I've done this: 
but let's be real. this is the first time I've done laundry in two weeks... and I only did it because I need clothes for work tomorrow and next week and church on Sunday. if those two things weren't so close, I wouldn't have done it. guaranteed.

I also enjoyed this view for about an hour the other night:
p.s. this was on a rooftop during a rainstorm. soooo awesome. until the creepers came around. then it was time to go. but that's another story for another time.

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