this week.

Dear Family,
It's kind of hard to write about this week. I should have written you all first. Then I wouldn't feel so bad for having a good week.
So basically, everything cool that I told you was going to happen last week happened. It was such a good week.
We had Interviews on Thursday. I played the piano (because nobody else in my district can play). And I was also asked to do a musical number... kind of rude if you ask me, but I also like to complain about sharing my talents, so they just take my murmuring and toss it aside. But I played the guitar and sang a song I arranged for my musical number. (maybe if you're lucky, I'll record it and send it to you. But probably not. So just wait for another year.) Let's just say I'm no Shaye when it comes to performing. My legs and hands were shaking and my voice started shaking. I was so nervous. But it all worked out. My interview with President Morgan was suuuuuper quick. And we talked mostly about golfing in Mesquite. He really likes golfing there. I told him that my favorite course is Falcon Ridge-- he's golfed it. hahaha. Oh, his name is Thomas. (I learned that from the Ensign. just yesterday.) But yeah, interviews were a good time.
We went to the temple on Friday. It was the best thing of my life. I love the temple so much. And I didn't realize how much I've missed it. Especially because I haven't gone the last two transfers. So it was such a treat to be able to go. Plus, Sister Vilingia and I took THEE coolest pictures ever.
Saturday, Chelsey got baptized!!! It was the best. She had to do it two times though because her arm popped up the first time. But all was well on the second try. She did give herself a bloody nose though-- from squeezing it too hard. hahah. She was fine though. Her family came, which was awesome because they're not members. And cool story about them: So a week ago, Chelsey told us to go visit her grandparents because she thought they might be interested. So we did. And they weren't interested. Then they came to the baptism and her grandma was like, "Didn't you girls come to our house last week?" And we were like, "uhhhh.... yeaaaaaah...." And she left it at that. But then after the baptism she came up to us and said, "Girls, we're going to try this again. I want you to come to our house and teach us because I want to learn more about this." It was the coolest thing ever. The Spirit is SO awesome. I am so grateful for those opportunities that people have to feel the Spirit and I love when they take advantage of it. So hopefully something really great will come out of this experience.
Sunday, Chelsey was confirmed. That was awesome. Good stuff.
And today we have Zone P-day, so we're going to go to Chesterfield after this and play some sort of games. The Zone Leaders have it all figured out. I hope that I can play though because I haven't been feeling too hot lately. But I'll be fine. Don't even fret about me for a second.
And now, for all of you back at home. I just don't even know what to say. I just want you to know that I love you so much. And after the tribulation cometh the blessings. There is a plan. Sometimes that plan seems unfair and sometimes people are dumb. But I can promise you that all that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement. Don't give up hope. And just because all of our prayers weren't answered in the most favorable way for us doesn't mean they weren't answered. Heavenly Father has a plan for Addie and Scott and He has a plan for little baby Emma too. It's not fair right now, and it still hurts, but all will be well. I love you all so much. Keep going.
Love, Sister Leavitt

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