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Dear Family (and friends too! I love my friends too!)

Things are going well out in here good ole Mexico! I forgot some things in my last letter, so here are a few details to fill in the gaps. (I hope I get them all)
My companion:  Her name is Sister Randall. She's from Orem, Utah. She's 22. And she's been out for 9 months. She's pretty awesome. We are a little different in personalities, but we make it work, so that's all that matters. We had set some pretty high goals at the beginning of this transfer so we have been working really hard to achieve those-- what's a goal if it's not achieved, right? 
Mexico:  Mexico is a car area. We don't have bikes. And we don't walk very much. It is really cold so we try to use the car to the best of our abilities so we stay warm. But we only get 1200 miles a month, so we have to make those stretch. Plus our area is HUGE and covers a bunch of little towns. Basically, we plan a lot and then try to get into all of our appointments so we don't have to stay outside for very long. 
So my week: Monday and Tuesday: We had two sisters come from Fulton (it's about an hour away). One of them was going on a mission to Germany and was leaving on Wednesday and she really wanted to go on splits but the Elders in Fulton couldn't take her, so they called us! And we welcomed their help! Her sister came with her, so we went on splits and it was a lot of fun! We tracted a lot and handed out a lot of invitations to a Church Tour (more of an Open House) that we are having on February 23! We are really excited about that! I hope everything goes according to plan... but as I've learned (quickly) being a missionary, almost nothing goes "according to plan" so we'll strive for "close to the plan."  Wednesday: I can't remember what happened on Wednesday... ohhhh. wait. I remember. We drove down to Wellsville for an appointment with a man named Larry (I'll tell you about him in another letter). And we had two members with us-- Brother Chapman and Sister Rickman-- Brother Chapman was driving. He is kind of old... and when I say kind of, I mean he is old. But he is so great. But the point of this-- his driving is TERRIFYING. I thought we were all going to die. I guess the blessing from Wednesday was that I didn't die. And that if I would have died, I would have been in great company. So it was all good.  Thursday: Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was so great. It was about being happy. Because missionary work is happy! ... even tracting... (it's a work in progress-- getting better though. I am starting to enjoy it more. plus I promised an Elder that I would love tracting by the end of my mission, so I better keep my promise) But Zone Conference was great! President Clark and Sister Clark spoke. The Kellers (Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt knew them from the MTC) spoke. And the Assistants did a training. And then our Zone Leaders did a training. Let me tell you, the people in my mission are the coolest. The trainings were so good! The Zone Leaders did a training on the Atonement and they had us sit in a circle with one Elder in the middle and then Elder Belnap (a Zone Leader) went around the circle and offered each of us a Butterfinger. And every time he offered a person a Butterfinger, the Elder in the middle had to do eight push-ups. Even if the Butterfinger was declined. And nobody could help him with his push-ups or take them away. It was such a good object lesson. It was really hard to watch the Elder do the push-ups, even though he was fit (he is going into the Air Force after his mission) he struggled. It was really good though, and really made me realize how incredible the Atonement is and how wonderful the Savior is. And also how much love He has for each of us-- even those who don't know about what He has done, or won't accept it. He is so amazing. Friday: We had district meeting and basically it was like Zone Conference again, just without the rest of the Zone. The Assistants and the Zone Leaders were there. But the Zone Leaders are always at our district meetings so they don't really count... But I am supposed to report this to Jonny: Elder Valois (like Val waaah... not like how it looks.. at all.) is in my district! And also Elder Miles. And fun fact: Jonny was Elder Miles's first District Leader, and now Elder Miles is my first District Leader. Tender. But it's a lot of fun. We chat about Jonny a lot... sometimes. usually at lunch.  Saturday: On Saturday I woke up sick. I was struggling with nausea and also a sore throat. So Sister Randall and I decided to take a sick day. But as you all know, I am kind of a busy body. And I was dying at the apartment. We made it through Companionship Study and I needed to get out. I didn't want to cancel any of our appointments so I bucked up and we went out and worked. But then my body got the best of me and we went home at about 6:30 and I fell asleep on the couch and slept until our District Leader called at 9:45. and then I woke up for some of that and for Mission Prayer and then I went to bed and slept like a champion. But we worked really hard on Saturday and got 2 new investigators! So it was awesome! (Scott, not all of our investigators are progressing at the moment... We've had a few setbacks this week. lame. but it's okay, things will work out!) Sunday: On Sunday we had an investigator come to church!! It was so great! It was Larry. He's too cool. Remind me to tell you about him.
That's my week. Oh, well, also throughout the week some of the sisters in the ward have (without knowing it) been tormenting me. They've been talking about Downton Abbey ALLLLLLLL week. And I cry inside a little bit. But it's okay. I can watch all the things when I get home! 
Shastaaaaa!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I got your wedding announcement this week. You are too cute. peace and blessins, girl! 
Well, I gotta Katie by the door! We have Zone P-day today and we have to drive to Columbia (it's about 45 minutes away). Love you mucho, mucho, MUUUUUUUCHO! Happy Single Awareness Day this week! Thursday's gonna be awesome! Stay rad. And again, I love you so much! 
Love, Your favorite sister missionary out in Mexico, Missouri!  Sister Sadie Leavitt

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