till we meet again, grandpa!

the weekend has been an emotional roller coaster. my dear, sweet grandpa passed away in the morning of august 18, 2017. we knew that he would pass at some point because his health hasn't been all that awesome over the last few years, but you just never know when it's going to happen. grandpa passed away in his sleep & looked so at peace. 

yesterday (saturday, august 19, 2017), i had the opportunity to help edit grandpa's obituary. (you can read it here) my grandpa was an incredible man. after learning of all of his accomplishments (after he passed), i realized how humble he truly was. he had a brilliant mind & studied & researched his whole life. his research findings are still used today & i am so amazed by my grandpa's knowledge.

not only was my grandpa an amazing scientist, he was the most incredible grandpa. he had a way of making every grandchild feel like the favorite. he played with us, told us jokes (he had the best sense of humor), and always made us feel loved. i had the opportunity to live with my grandma & grandpa a few years ago, and without fail, every time i saw my grandpa & gave him a hug he would say, "i sure love you." i can still hear him say that. 

but my absolute favorite thing about my grandpa was the way he loved my grandma. every day he would say, "i am so in love!" or "i am so grateful!" when i lived with him, at breakfast every morning he would look over at me and ask, "aren't we so lucky?" he loved my grandma with a fierce love that has changed the way i look at love & marriage.  

yesterday, i also had the opportunity to go with my mom, aunts, uncle, & grandmother to the funeral home to make preparations for the funeral. i was also able to help dress my grandpa in preparation for his burial which was so special. grandpa looked so at peace. but something that i never want to forget is the love my grandmother has for my sweet grandpa. as we walked into the room to dress him, she cheerfully said, "hello Sweetheart!" she showed me the clothes he would wear & held his hands as we dressed him. she put on his shoes as she did every day. then as we were leaving she reached down & kissed his forehead just before she left. 

my grandparents have been married for 61 years. my grandpa used to always tell me that the home they lived in for over 50 years was supposed to be their starter home, but then he would always throw in, "but we are still starting!" their marriage was still fresh & new even though they had been together for many, many years. i want a love like theirs. i hope that at the end of my days here on earth, my marriage is like theirs. i love you grandma & grandpa! i'll miss you, grandpa, and i can't wait to see you again! 

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