to the kids in High School:

It's finals week and the clock is ticking. I get to go home in approximately 3 days, 82 hours, 4929 minutes, and 295772 seconds! All I have to do is make it through finals and then I get to go home!

To those kids still in High School:

You say you hate Mesquite/ Bunkerville? (Or your hometown if you're not from the Virgin Valley)

I'm going to tell you right now, you'll miss it once you have moved. I promise. I know what it's like to absolutely hate it there. I've been there. But once you've moved out, like really moved out, you'll miss it. It's home. It's where all of your memories are. Coming back is such an exciting thing once you've gone. There will be people that you didn't think you would miss, places you didn't know you could miss, and memories that you wouldn't have anywhere else. You're probably thinking that I'm crazy and that you will never miss Mesquite, but seriously, you will. It might not be a "I'm going to move back to Mesquite/ Bunkerville" kind of miss, but you will miss it. So, here's some advice, enjoy the time you have there. It goes by way too quickly.

Free laundry is a gift.

Spend as much time with your family as you do with your friends, because later on, your family will be your friends. Don't think you're the exception there too, you part ways and times come when you have to move on... It sounds harsh, but it's true. Have lots of fun with your friends though, because those make for the best stories later on.

Start learning to deal with stupid people, they're everywhere you go... unfortunately.(For example, I have heard, "What the heck?!" in the most annoying voice EVER, with a loud slam of the door at least 24 times in the last 10 minutes.)

College is the best ever. It's way fun... if you make it fun. Personally, I think the farther away you get from home, the more you find yourself. You get to start over. People don't know you, so you can be whoever you want. So do it, be that person you want to be! You've got this. Plus, there are cute boys (or girls if you're a boy) no matter where you go to college, so GO! 

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