TOTW: God Shall Wipe Away All Tears; Elder Schmutz

Holy. Do you ever read a talk and feel like those words weren't spoken at Conference? Or think, "HOW DID I NOT HEAR THIS TALK?"
That's how I felt when READING Elder Schmutz's talk, God Shall Wipe Away All Tears.

I've mentioned quite a few times about a trial that we've been going through over the last few months. It's still not time to share more details, but I can safely say there have been a lot of tears shed through this trying time. Over my birthday weekend we were visiting my parents and went to my sister's ward to hear her sing. There were a few other musical numbers before hers but one tugged on my heartstrings and turned on the waterworks. The primary sang with the congregation, A Child's Prayer.
"Heavenly Father are you really there,

And do you hear and answer every child's prayer?

Some say that Heaven is far away, but I feel it close around me as I pray.

Heavenly Father, I remember now, something that Jesus told disciples long ago,

'Suffer the children to come to me,'

Father, in prayer I'm coming now to Thee.

Pray, He is there. Speak, He is listening.

You are His child, His love now surrounds you.

He hears your prayer. He loves the children,

Of such is the kingdom, the kingdom of Heaven."

"Many of us have pleaded with God to remove the cause of our suffering, and when the relief we seek has not come, we have been tempted to think He is not listening. I testify that, even in those moments, He hears our prayers, has a reason for allowing our afflictions to continue, and will help us bear them." - Elder Schmutz

I know He will help us bear the afflictions (or trials) that He allows to continue in our lives. We may not know the reason for trials, but we can find peace in the love and plan of our Loving Heavenly Father.

"Everyone [reading] today is acquainted with some measure of loneliness, despair, grief, pain, or sorrow." - Elder Schmutz

"Please don’t compare, but seek to learn and apply eternal principles as you wade through the furnace of your own afflictions. If I may speak to you individually--'all ye that labour and are heavy laden'--may I suggest that your personal struggles--your individual sorrows, pains, tribulations, and infirmities of every kind--are all known to our Father in Heaven and to His Son. Take courage! Have faith! And believe in the promises of God!" - Elder Schmutz
Everyone goes through their own trials. No set of trials is the same. People deal with their trials differently. One thing I've found that never helps me is comparing my trials to people with similar trials. We all deal with things in our own way and that's okay. Some days might be hard. Some days might be easier. But as we put our faith in Christ, we can find peace in even the darkest of days.

"We can take strength in knowing that all the hard experiences in this life are temporary; even the darkest nights turn into dawn for the faithful.

When all is finished and we have endured all things with faith in Jesus Christ, we have the promise that 'God shall wipe away all [the] tears from [our] eyes.'" - Elder Schmutz

"Pray, He is there. Speak, He is listening. You are His child. His love, now surrounds you. He hears your prayer."

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