TOTW: President Nelson's Talk on Joy

#ldsconf has come and gone again, and again, my heart is full. The talks that were given touched my heart and gave me strength to continue on for the next six months, knowing that I could have joy in my life despite trials and weaknesses. 

One theme that I felt was recurring was JOY. Not happiness, JOY. And how to live a joyful life even though the world can be a (insert negative adjective here) place. It seemed as though the word joy was said at least once in every talk and multiple times in many of them. Heavenly Father must have known that I needed a boost in the joy aspect of my life because I felt (again) as though every talk was written just for me. 

This week's talk of the week is President Russell M. Nelson's talk. This was one of my very favorite talks from Conference. If you don't remember it, didn't get a chance to hear it, or just want to know how to find joy in your life, go


to listen to it. In a few days, you should also be able to read it as well! 

I'm about to be twitter-vague here for a minute. For the last six months or so, I have been going through a trial and I personally have been struggling to feel true joy in my life. I've been blessed beyond my own comprehension and I am so grateful for that! But I have still had days and moments where I have struggled to feel that true joy that I know I've felt multiple times in my life. But as I listened to President Nelson's talk, I felt there were a few things I could change and a few things I could do better at to feel that true joy in my life despite what is or isn't happening in my life. 

photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

A few quotes that really spoke to me from his talk were these:

"Clearly Lehi knew opposition, anxiety, heartache, pain, disappointment, and sorrow, yet he declared boldly and without reservation... 'Men are that they might have joy!'"

"Saints can be happy under every circumstance! We can feel joy even while having a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad year."

"The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives."

"We can feel joy regardless of what is happening-- or isn't happening-- in our lives."

"Just as the Savior offers peace that passeth all understanding, He also offers an intensity, depth, and breadth of joy that defy human logic or mortal comprehension." 

"His joy is constant. Assuring us that our afflictions shall be but a small moment and be consecrated for our gain."

"As our Savior becomes more and more real to us and as we plead for His joy to be given to us, our joy will increase."

"Joy is powerful and focusing on joy brings God's power into our lives."

"As in all things, Jesus Christ is our Ultimate Exemplar, Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross."

"As we diligently focus on the Savior and then follow His pattern of focusing on joy, we need to avoid things that can interrupt our joy."

"Joy is a gift for the faithful. It is the gift that comes from intentionally trying to live a righteous life as taught by Jesus Christ."

"When we choose Heavenly Father to be our God and when we can feel the Savior's Atonement working in our lives, we will be filled with joy."

I am often reminded of a Ziggy comic that I found profound. It said, "We can complain that the roses have thorns or we can be happy because the thorns have roses!" As we look to the Savior, we can rejoice because although this life is difficult at times, we can still feel joy! 

My goals for this week to increase my own joy are to: 

  • read my scriptures every day
  • listen to this talk again
  • pray sincerely
  • attend the temple once this week
  • have an attitude of gratitude and joy

What are your goals to increase your joy for this week? 

Write them down & post them in a place you will see them often. Tell somebody of your goals & be accountable. Let's increase our joy & find hope in the Plan of Happiness given to us by our Loving Heavenly Father.

photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

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