TOTW: What Shall We Do? by Sister Neill F. Marriott

don't fret my friends! the talk of the week posts are back! i've had a weird yet busy past few weeks and mondays would come and go faster than i could say, "i love mondays." anyway, we are back at it! i've kept the talk the same for the past three weeks, so i hope you've had a chance to read it and enjoy this lovely talk by Sister Marriott again, if not, i highly recommend it! i have linked her talk,

What Shall We Do?

multiple times in this post, so just click on one of those happy links to read, watch, or listen to

Sister Marriott's talk


i want to quickly share just a few of my favorite quotes from Sister Marriott's talk:

"The Lord's Church needs Spirit-directed women who use their unique gifts to nature, to speak up, and to defend gospel truth. Our inspiration and intutition are necessary parts of building the kingdom of God, which really means doing our part to bring salvation to God's children."

"Love is making space in your life for someone else."

"The more we follow Christ, the more we will feel His love and direction; the more we feel His love and direction, the more we will want to speak truth and teach truth as He did, even when we face opposition." (emphasis added)

"We must anchor ourselves to eternal principles and testify of them, no matter the world's response."

"Our high responsibility is to become women who follow the Savior, nurture with inspiration, and live truth fearlessly."

i loved Sister Marriott's talk,

What Shall We Do?

so much! i love power quotes and i felt like her talk was bursting with them! she has a great southern accent too! i highly recommend listening to her talk and studying it-- especially if you have the question of what you should be doing with your life! i am so grateful for inspired church leaders who have such wisdom and a willingness to share their goodness! i know that if we choose to follow the example that the Savior has set for us, as well as the counsel from our church leaders that we will be blessed with the inspiration and revelation we need to continue peacefully and happily through this life! 

our next Talk of the Week is by President Henry B. Eyring,

Eternal Families

! you can read, watch, or listen to it



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