Heya Family,

So yeah. I'm getting transferred. Lame sauce. But I'm super stoked to go to my next area! I'll be serving in... wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (Sister Furch, this is for you) SALEM, ILLINOIS! I'm pretty excited. Super sad to be leaving Sandy Creek; this ward is like my child, I'm pretty sure. Now I'm really giving it all away... Trusting it to new people-- all the work I did. It's kind of scary, but I know they'll do a GREAT job! The work is really starting to move here, so that's pretty fantastic! Sister Auble is pretty scared, but it'll be alright. Life moves on. Transfers are just a part of the program. And plus, she'll be just fine! She knows the people and Sister Webb (the sister that replaced me in Jacksonville... poor girl. she just gets to clean up all my messes. hahaha) knows how to do missionary work and how to teach kids what to do. They'll be just fine.
But this week was pretty interesting. We had exchanges again on Tuesday and they were SO fun! I got to go to Fenton, Missouri again and I was companions with Sister Zundel. So that was pretty fun to be "companions" with someone that came out to the field with me! And then we had Easter fun some of the other days-- Easter Dinners and such. It was so good. But honestly, I don't know if I have ever eaten so much pork in my life than I have this week. hahaha. It was delicious though. So no complaints here!
Oh. The Crystal City Sisters played a little prank on us the other day: they hid some "dinosaur eggs" (turkey eggs-- they look like dinosaur eggs) in our apartment and made us do an easter egg hunt. and they left us with a note that said something like, "We hid 6 dinosaur eggs in your apartment! Good luck! The one who finds the most wins! Ready? GO!" And then we searched and searched and searched. And we only found five. And we just couldn't find the other one. Sister Auble was stressing out, because they were just regular old eggs, not boiled or anything. Then they texted us right before bedtime and told us there were only five eggs. Not six. hahahahaha. point Crystal City.
Everything is good.  I'll catch ya later! :)  Sandy Creek. Out.
Duces from Zion. Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt

Sadie sent a million pictures this week so be prepared. :)

Our District

Our District

We had matching ruffle socks!

Selfies :) (Sadie is the queen of selfies if you haven't already noticed.)

Fun times! :)

There's not place like HOME!!

me and Elder Randall

me and Caylin Warmbrodt. She's one of my favorites. :)

Me and Porter Sattley.

these are my home boys. :)

Me and Porter, Sam, Landon, and Dreydan.
me and my hot mess's fine:)

but in a pretty tree :)

we found a treadmill so we decided to run on it

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