travel log; abandoned zoo

as we were preparing for our trip to Anaheim and LA, we knew we would be spending a few days in LA and we weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do there. SO being pinterest lover that i am, i hopped onto pinterest and stumbled upon a 25 things to do in LA blog post. this post had mostly food places to eat-- which i wasn't THAT interested in. but it had one thing that really caught my eye: the abandoned zoo in griffith park.
i showed parker and it quickly became one of the things we wanted to do. we decided we would go on tuesday after checking out of our hotel and before going to the home of the family we would be staying with. 
it. was. SO. cool. 
the zoo was shut down in the 60's because people felt as though the cages the animals were in were too small. and because it is waaaay off the beaten path, they just left everything there. and since then, it has been kept up a little bit by the city of LA, but not much. they have added benches and tables to make it more of a picnic area, but the cages and zookeeper areas are rusty and overgrown with the wild plants and some of the cages are filled with graffiti. it was a different kind of beautiful, but beautiful nonetheless. 
we explored the zoo for the better part of the day. we played in a few of the cages and took a bunch of pictures. 

after we went to the zoo, we still had a little bit of time to kill, so we went to a movie. zootopia only seemed fitting.(however, i didn't make the connection until just now as i am writing this post.) to be honest, we had been wanting to see zootopia for a few weeks, so we decided to splurge and go see it. it was a cute movie but there was definitely a message that the writers and producers wanted to send. i won't spoil it for you, but we were a little surprised by how bold and outright the message was. however, one of our favorite lines from that movie was, "you can be whatever you want to be." i especially liked that line because that was one of the main reasons i started blogging-- because i am a firm believer in living your dreams. 
after our movie, we went and got some yummy donuts. and then we went to the home we would be staying in the next two nights. 
we stayed with my sister's in-laws and we felt very welcomed! they made sure we had food and spoiled us with the most delicious ice cream i have ever tasted! if you're in the LA area you HAVE to try handle's ice cream. holy moly. it was divine!! 
we ate our ice cream, watched a few episodes of NCIS and then we went to bed.

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