travel log; disneyland

travel log: disneyland through sadie's phone.

dear disneyland,
coming to visit has been an anticipated trip for the last three months. as we drove to the airport, flew to california, and drove to our hotel on friday night, i had that child-like excitement welling up inside me. 

on saturday morning, we were surprised by the country music 5k that blocked a LOT of the roads to get to you. i was annoyed and frustrated by those darn country lovin runners because they were making it so i was spending more and more time away from you. 
but then after rerouting our gps four or five times, we finally made it to the correct parking lots! (our gps took us to von's supermarket the first time. silly technology.) we pulled into the pumbaa parking lot and hopped on the tram to head into the park. 
memories flooded in as we walked towards the gates. happy memories of churros, frozen lemonades, getting soaked on splash mountain, hurrying to grab a fastpass before heading to our next ride, walking up and down main street, that one time my family got to help open disneyland, waiting in lines to go on my favorite rides just one more time, meeting mickey, and so many others! 
but this time was different. and i loved every second. this time, i was able to go with my best friend & husband. he hadn't been to disneyland since he was a little boy & didn't remember it all that well. it was almost like this was his first time. we went on all of the classic rides just one time and were completely satisfied. our favorite rides were splash mountain, space mountain, indiana jones, thunder mountain railroad, and pirates of the carribbean. we met mickey mouse. we watched part of one of the parades. we watched the fireworks. and then we went home incredibly happy and exhausted. 

disneyland, you are one magical place. i felt like a little kid again, but my new memories made this time were as great or even greater than the times i've been before. i can't wait to come back & share more memories with my little family. 

we loved every second, and we are exhausted. but no worries, we'll come back sometime soonish! 
love, sadie & parker 

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while we were at disneyland, we played a game with my sisters and parents. we would send pictures of things at disneyland and they would guess where we were. it was a lot of fun trying to find iconic things that weren't too obvious! my family rocked it. let's see if you can too!

there will be more disneyland (and the rest of the week for that matter!) fun to come, i'm still working on the photos from my DSLR and i need to get the photos off of parker's phone. but this post is getting a little long. so you'll just get to see this week a few different times! ;)
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