travel log; sundays on vacation

we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. and because of that, we believe that the Sabbath day should be a day of rest. now, the Church hasn't given strict "do" or "do nots" on Sabbath Day observance. but we have been invited to make it a day where we rest from our work, shopping, and other activities that take away from worship. we've been asked to "give the Sabbath back to the Savior." 
so parker and i were at a little bit of a loss as to what to do on sunday during our vacation. we knew we would find an LDS church somewhere in anaheim and attend that ward (congregation) for the week. but after that, we weren't sure what we would do. 
because our church is organized the same way wherever you go, it is refreshing to visit somewhere and have at least one thing feel like home. we plugged in our location to the ward/branch locator and found several wards within 15 minutes of where we were staying and we picked one. 
after church, we decided to drive down to the newport beach temple. it was beautiful! and definitely worth the 30 minute drive. after walking around the temple for a little while, we went to the beach. we didn't bring our swimsuits or anything (parker put his feet in and apparently the water was freezing, so we weren't too sad about not getting in), instead we just walked along the beach and watched the sunset. it was beautiful and so relaxing. 

i'm obsessed with these flowers.

when we got to the beach, it was a little bit stormy and dreary.  (and i've also been practicing creating art with Adobe Lightroom, so some of these colors are enhanced, but the beach was beyond beautiful)

after an hour or so at the beach we headed back to our hotel to watch a movie. we picked tarzan, just because we were on a disney kick and we both love that movie. 
sunday was a very relaxing and peaceful day that we both enjoyed immensely. it was the best kind of vacation day!

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