Dear Family,

tripanionship... it's a word. even if Google doesn't acknowledge it. and I am in one. It's been going PRETTY. STINKING. WELL. I love my companions so much. We have too much fun and work too hard sometimes, but we are seeing blessings out the wazoo! This week has been uber long, but it has been so good. Let's take a look at it, shall we?
So Monday: the usual p-day. We cleaned like crazy because we were going to get another sister on Wednesday and didn't want to look like slobs. So we made our apartment as "homey" as possible...  Tuesday: We just worked and worked. We really tried to get a ride to St. Louis for transfer meeting but it was to no avail... Oh well. Wednesday: We woke up early and went to St. Louis for transfer meeting. I felt sick the whole way down. I mean what if we got a crazy sister? Or what if she hated us? So many what ifs ran through my mind. We talked to some folks, gave Elder Duke his GPS back (oh, I bought one of those on Monday... they're expensive... luckily I got a good one. Her name is Lucy. She's pretty good at telling us where to go.) and then waited for the meeting to start. Then the moment arrived. This cute, little (well she's actually pretty tall-- she's 5'6) brunette girl from Mount Pleasant, Utah stood up and said that her name was Sister Proctor and that Sister Leavitt (she said it wrong... but it's whatevs. we're over that now...) was her companion. I still wanted to hurl. But I got up and gave her a fist bump and then a hug. Let me tell you, Wednesday was so awkward-- new companions are so hard to get used to. Especially when you're in a tri because Sister Linton and I knew (know) each other pretty well and so it was super hard to adjust. So we went home and let her "nest"... get settled in and then we went and met some of the ward members. OH. IT RAINED SOOOOOOOOO HARD ON WEDNESDAY. It was so crazy. I had the windshield wipers on full blast and couldn't see ANYTHING. It was insane in the membrane. But we made it back to our apartment safely and got to know one another. It was pretty fun. Thursday: We went to District Meeting. We got a new District Leader for this transfer (it's my third transfer and third district leader... I think I might be one of those problem sisters... hahaha. just kidding. we promoted our last district leader. He's now a Zone Leader. what a cool kid.). Anyway, our District Leader this transfer is Elder Perkes. He's super cool. (and he's going home after this transfer so I'm going to have yet another district leader... four for four.) The other area in our district got whitewashed by sisters so now we have a district of sisters-- Goodbye, awkward Elders; Hello, awkward Relief Society. It's good times though. I really like my district this transfer. It has been really hard adjusting to more sisters though. They are super sweet though.  Friday: We tracted all day. And we taught some lessons. got a few potentials. It was a good day. SATURDAY: It's a special day. It's the day we get ready for Sunday. We teach some lessons and set some dates and we wait and we wait until MAAAAAAY 4th!! So Saturday was such an awesome day. We went out to the country to teach a woman named Debbie (She gave me her Wedding Dress... remember her? So awesome.). Anyway, so she has been meeting with the missionaries for over 15 years now and has had the desire to be baptized for about 15 years but wasn't able to be baptized because her husband wouldn't allow her to be baptized. So we have been working on serving her husband and helping him understand that the Church isn't a cult and we don't worship Joseph Smith. And we have also been trying to help Debbie understand that if we take steps into the dark with faith that the Lord will help us, He will help us. So before we went to her house this week she called us and asked us what her "homework" was before our lesson so she could be prepared. We were planning on teaching her about obedience so we told her to look up the scriptures in the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary on Obedience. She did. She also read in Gospel Principles about Obedience. Well, when we got there she told us that she had this thought while she was reading that she just needed to be baptized. She needed to stop trying to please everyone else and make herself truly happy-- she needed to be baptized. She also said that she didn't want to be stuck in the Telestial Kingdom because she knew the truth but hadn't taken the necessary steps to get back to her Heavenly Father-- she needed to be baptized. As we talked with her, Sister Proctor asked her what date she wanted to set as her baptismal date. We then set her date for May 4th. I was pretty nervous because she hadn't talked to her husband about it yet and I wasn't sure what he would say. I thought for sure that he would say no. But we continued to plan for her baptism and made a baptismal calendar with goals to help her be ready for her baptism. One of the goals was to talk to her husband and be open with him. We prayed for her really hard. Later that day she called us and told us that her husband said that she could be baptized!! We were ecstatic! He also said that he would be at the baptism because it meant so much to her! Miracles do happen. People's hearts can change! Everything is done in the Lord's timing! It is such a blessing to be a part of this great work!  Sunday: We went to church and then helped a man named Jesus with his yard and we talked with him about the Book of Mormon. He's going to help us learn spanish and we are going to help him with his yard and english and we are going to teach him about the Gospel! I am so excited! 
Anyway, it's been a really good week. This is really long. Sorry. I love you all so much! I am so happy that you are all being blessed so much! I would love to see some pictures some time soon! Oh, btdubs, Addie and Scott were totally in my mission this week when they went to Plainfield. Just sayin.
te amo mucho! help out the missionaries! Go to some lessons with them! It'll change your life!  Love, Your Favorite Sister Missionary in the Missouri St. Louis Mission, Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. I'm super sad that Mom and Dad got released from Nursery.  Tell my Sunbeams I say hello and that I love them so much!

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