it's been a minute or two since i've given an update on how things are going in my life.

my last update was about how parker and i are engaged. boy, oh boy, am i excited to get married to that fella. he just makes me the happiest of happies. 
in the last month we have done so much wedding planning it's almost disgusting. and i LOVE love. in the last month we've gotten parker's suit, tie, shoes, belt and watch; ordered our announcements & envelopes; made sure my dress fit (i'm wearing my momma's dress and it is soooooooo pretty! i'm really excited about it!); taken engagements & bridals; bought decorations; ordered food; ordered flowers; bought more decorations; and tons of other stuff that i can't even remember... i'll be real: planning a wedding is not what i thought it would be-- its kind of really stressful. i've been planning my future wedding for as long as i can remember and there are still details that i've just never even thought of before. for instance: mini cupcakes or regular sized cupcakes? what shoes am i actually going to wear all day long? how do you actually decorate a giant room? and i've also realized that all of those dreams that i had on pinterest were just tiny portions of the whole day and not all of them matched. so i've had to learn how to just make decisions or even let other people make decisions for me. 
and then there are decisions that have to be made that are related to being married but not related to the wedding at all. like, WHERE ARE WE GOING TO LIVE? answer: we don't know yet. probably in a box or something.
but here are the real feels: i wouldn't trade this stress or happiness for anything. because i have all of this, i get to marry parker in 40 something days and i am beyond excited for that! 
last week, parker and i spent some time away from each other during the thanksgiving holiday. (i know, crazy right?) parker went to tennessee for a raiders/titans NFL game [it was a dream come true for him] during our time apart, i don't think i've ever been more grateful for snapchat. i know there are a lot of snapchat haters out there, but it was so nice to get/send easy pictures during the week especially because these were practically the only pictures parker took/sent. boys, boys, boys. what can ya do?

he also got to go to a NHL game before the raiders game. he was a happy little camper.
at the raiders game.

i went home for the week. it was so good to be home, despite all of the happenings that are going on at my parents' house right now (they're in the middle of planning TWO weddings right now. it's insane.).

i was also able to take some family photos for an adorable family. (they aren't quite done. i'll share some soon!)
my sister asked me to take a few photos of her swoon worthy baby in her blessing dress & after the blessing i was asked to take a few photos just for posterity's sake.

here are a few pictures from the week!

justin & baby a.
two of my very cute nieces. i'm not bias though. i just have really cute nieces...
seriously, adorable. and so squeezable. 
until she gives you this look... then i get a little nervous. this girl means business.
baby a.

seriously, i cannot get over this cute little family. they are so darn cute.
for real? does it get any cuter?
it does, folks. it DOES get cuter. and i almost can't handle it.

my brother and his cute little family.
see? so daaaaang cute. 
bah. her little hands. i can't. I JUST CAN'T.
the whole fam minus parker and my missionary brother. 
life is good. i'm grateful for a lot of things. and i'm super grateful for the people in these pictures. they put up with a lot-- especially lately. i'm grateful they are my family forever. 

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