hey everyone.

i'm sadie.

and he's parker.
photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

together we make the banks.
photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

we started our little journey of best friendship in 2013 in the st. louis, missouri area where we were both missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. for those of you that are members of our church, we know what you're thinking, "oh, you were those missionaries." and no. we weren't. we were just friends.

we finished our missions in 2014 and remained friends. but the best kind of friends, ya know, where you 'like' each other's pictures on facebook and instagram, and maybe tell each other happy birthday. yep. those kind of friends.

then one day in early 2015, i went and visited some friends in provo for a weekend. i saw parker and my baby crush was rekindled. but i didn't say anything because the timing just wasn't right (aka he was dating someone else...). i did, however, mention to him that i had been accepted to UVU and was thinking of attending school there. to which his response was, "WHAT? that's awesome! you HAVE to go there. then we can hang out every day and be best friends!" (insert major confusion from me here)

a few months later after deciding that i needed to attend UVU (not because of parker), i sent parker a snap. just a random snap to see how he was doing. well, that one snap marked history. that night i (kind of more jokingly than serious) invited parker to come visit me and go on adventures. and he accepted. (more confusion to be inserted here)

in july of 2015, he drove four hours and visited me in my homeland of nevada. that weekend we had tons of fun, laughed even more and decided we liked each other. but we were both too afraid to talk about it.

two weeks later, i went and visited him. and we went on an "official first date" (even though our first date was the weekend he visited me). and then he kissed me. ON THE FIRST DATE. i didn't just kiss boys. i was a little bit surprised and my mouth worked faster than my brain and i responded, "ehh. not too bad." (oops... i still feel pretty bad about that one...) but even after that comment he decided that he liked me enough to date me for realsies.

we dated for what felt like an eternity (but really it was one day shy of 3 months...) and then he told me to marry him on October 23, 2015.

we were sealed in the salt lake temple on january 15, 2016 and we couldn't be happier!!

photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

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